Many of us know that recently Apple announced iOS 15, it is going to be a significant update with the latest and powerful features that will intensify the iOS experience. iOS 15 makes FaceTime calls more natural and usual, and it also introduces SharePlay for a shared experience over FaceTime. This helps users target and be in the moment with various new ways to manage notifications and bring more brilliance in the photos and quickly search to access the information. Furthermore, Apple maps disclose unique new ways to explore the world. Weather is designed in a new way with the full-screen map and graphical display of data.

Apple wallets add keys for home and ID cards, and also browsing the internet with the help of Safari is more straightforward than before with new tab bar designs and Tab groups. iOS 15 also introduces new privacy policies for Siri, Mail, and more place to keep your information more secure with you.

For many consumers, iPhone has become fundamental, and this year we have decided to create more innovative ways to build up your daily lives. iOS 15 will help users to share experiences in real-time, even by staying connected. It will also provide tools to reduce distraction around and find focus; it also uses intelligence to improve the photo experience.

Everyone who knows about these updates is excited to use these features and share their experience, and Apple can’t wait to provide this experience to the users.

Because of this news and updates, many iPhone app development companies are looking forward to Apple app development based on these updates and features.

Given below is the list of few features that Worldwide Developers Conference WWDC has announced.

Features of iOS 15

  • SharePlay API over facetime
  • In wallet keys
  • Deploy Siri in third-party devices
  • Voice isolation APIs
  • Health kit APIs
  • Home kit APIs
  • New safari extensions
  • Object capture
  • App Store in-app events
  • Xcode cloud
  • Explore the world better with Apple maps with 3D models

SharePlay API over FaceTime

Share play API over facetime

FaceTime helps to connect and interact with the people who matter the most with the help of iOS 15; with the help of this new feature, the conversation with friends and family becomes more realistic. FaceTime will be added with one more feature known as spatial audio; this will separate the user’s voice speaking with the background noise to avoid the disturbance behind them. We all know about the portrait photo mode of the iPhone; it is the most stunning feature for photos; inspired by this, FaceTime will also provide portrait video calls, so with the help of this, users can blur the background and can gain focus on themselves.

Coming further to group video calls on FaceTime, in group video calls, the new grid allows the users to see more faces simultaneously.

Users can share the experience with FaceTime by using its new feature named SharePlay. It includes listening to songs together with Apple music, watching TV shows or movies in sync, or sharing their screen to watch apps together.

This SharePlay feature works on all Apple products such as iPad, iPhone, and MAC anyone can stop, pause or jump onto the next music with the help of shared playback controls. SharePlay can also be extended to Apple TV to watch shows or music by connecting with FaceTime, and SharePlay will keep each playback in sync. Many online TV shows like Disney+, ESPN+, HBO Max, Hulu, MasterClass, and many more are supported in SharePlay.

FaceTime has also added one more amazing feature: creating a link and sharing it from iPad, iPhone, and Mac through messages, mail, or other social media apps through which anyone can join the FaceTime call through their web browser that is available on Android or Windows devices.

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In wallet keys

In wallet keys

Apple InWallet adds support to more additional keys that are used every day, and you can go with the tap. Last year in the summer, Apple introduced car keys, and BMW was the first car company to add keys and allow users to tap to unlock the car. This year, car keys get even better with the support of Ultra-Wideband technology, so users can unlock their vehicles with complete safety without removing their iPhone from the pocket or bag. Now, iPhones can also be used to unlock their homes, offices, and even hotel rooms through the keys saved in their wallet.

Later in this year, users in the US will be able to add their driver’s licenses or state IDs to their wallets. The Transportation Security Administration is looking forward to accessing airport security checkpoints as the first place where customers can use their digital identity cards through their wallets. ID cards in the wallet are encoded and saved securely in a secure element.

Deploy Siri in third-party devices

Deploy Siri in third-party devices

Siri is finally going to deploy on third-party devices. Apple announced this fantastic feature in WWDC that HomeKit accessory designers will be able to consolidate Siri voice control in their products later this year. This Siri voice assistant will be routed through HomePod if the devices are connected to your network.

Other changes in Siri are that it will notify you of incoming calls and messages when connected to AirPods and give you notifications. Now you’ll also ask Siri to share what is going on your screen while wearing the wireless headphones. Siri will also now work when your devices are not connected to the internet.

Voice isolation APIs

Voice isolation APIs

Voice isolation APIs are used for all call categories, whether it is a normal to call or social media call, or group call. It is also further going to integrate into third-party APIs.

With voice isolation, your machine can use Machine Learning to stop the voice of your background and focus only on your voice.

HealthKit APIs

HealthKit APIs

The health apps in Apple get a new feature with iOS 15 that includes sharing the tabs that allow a user to share with the family or care team the health details. It also introduces a focus on your health if the health metrics are changing, for example, high heart rate or blood pressure.

A new health metric known as Walking Steadiness is also coming with the new software that helps you manage your fall risks.

New safari extensions

New safari extensions

Safari will come with a new design that can make your controls easier that can be reached by one hand and also puts content front and center. The new tab bar in Safari is lightweight and flows at the bottom of the screen so that users can quickly swipe between tabs. Tab groups allow users to save their tabs and use them again across iPad, iPhone, or Mac. New features of Safari, such as the personalized start page and web extension on iOS, make Safari even more powerful and personal.

Object capture

Apple introduces an all-new object capture feature that turns the image into a 3D model. According to reports, Apple will use AR technology for capturing objects and making them into 3D models.

With the new object capture API, developers can also use better visual, audio, and animation control. They can develop more realistic and complicated AR experiences.

App Store in-app events

App Store in-app events

In-app events are time-based events in apps and games such as game competitions, movie premiers, live-streaming experiences, and much more. iOS 15 allows your customers to discover your in-app events directly on the App store iOS and iPadOS, giving you an entirely new experience showing your events and expanding their reach.

Xcode cloud

Xcode cloud

Xcode cloud is an endless integration and delivery service built on Xcode and designed expressly for Apple developers. It is accelerating the development and delivery of high-quality apps by bringing together cloud-based tools that will help you build apps, run an automated test-in simultaneously, deliver apps to testers, and then view and manage user feedback.

Explore the world better with Apple maps with 3D models

Apple maps with 3D models

Apple believes in developing the world’s best map. So iOS15 is taking Apple maps to a whole new level by adding different ways to navigate and explore the world. iOS users will experience significant augmented details of the cities for neighbourhoods, commercial places, elevations, buildings, new road colors, labels, 3D custom-designed landmarks, and all new night-time mode with a moonlight glow. These are the whole new way of looking at the world through Apple maps.

While navigating through iPhone or CarPlay, maps provide a feature of 3D city driving experience of the new road in detail that helps users see better and understand the directions properly like turn lanes, medians, bike lanes, and pedestrian crosswalks. Transit riders can search for nearby stations easily and can also pin favorite lines. Riders can even keep track of it on the Apple watch.


I know you are also excited as I am for the new updates in the features of iOS 15. These features are so unique and mesmerising that anyone would love to use these features.

In this blog, I have given a brief about most of the features that will be used in iOS 15. So let’s all wait for these excellent features to occur in iOS 15.

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