Incorporated in 2011 and based in Ahmedabad, Nevina Infotech presents custom web applications & mobile applications with the most advanced technologies and recommends the best possible approach to enrich the clients’ business.

Nevina Infotech presents the best services that match their vast experience and a young resource team and help forge the best alliance that redefines the product or services in keeping with the clients’ desires. The organization forms an appealing business-to-business & business to customer relationship with a professional touchpoint.

The IT solutions catered by Nevina Infotech help businesses from different industries significantly enrich their brand experience and increase their client engagement. With 10+ years of experience, Nevina Infotech has served 15+ industries by completing 230+ projects and has made 500+ clients happy.
The organization has an entirely process-driven and highly focused approach for all the services. From surmising the client requirements to ensuring that the services meet them exactly, the professionals work with a systematic process. This is why firms from entirely different industries like Manufacturing, Food & Beverage, Travel & Tourism, and Marketplace & e-commerce, including Alibaba and Amazon, trust Nevina Infotech.

Nevina Infotech’s mission is to improve different businesses and brands by providing state-of-the-art IT solutions which cater to their customers. Its approach is to promote products that align with and complement the goals of our client’s company.

Nevina Infotech’s mission is to become a leading IT solutions provider by revolutionizing its custom enterprise application development solutions industry. The professionals are working hard to provide streamlined and targeted services that are customized to perfection.

The GoodFirms team interviewed Rahim Makhani, the CEO and managing partner at Nevina Infotech.

Starting with the interview, Rahim mentions the story behind the commencement of the business. He divulges that the main motto to start this organization is to deliver clients the best-optimized products along with a group of people who have pride in work. Maybe, Nevina is small in size comparatively but the ambition is to deliver a 100% bug-free product.

The world is evolving at light speed, and businesses that do not have the proper armor, the correct ammunition cannot assert their relevance and will disappear, says Rahim. Ergo, Rahim and his team not only preach the gospel of Acquisition, but they also help firms identify their real business problems and get the solutions with the help of Nevina Infotech’s proficient team.
Rahim further continues by saying that Nevina Infotech furnishes robust web solutions that help clients increase the ROI of their respective businesses and stand out uniquely amongst their rivals.

Rahim explains that web development is designing a website that looks eye-catching and more than anything is the efficient facet of the website. The expert team starts the web development procedure by keeping users in mind to show how any business can draw customers by introducing the business or the company to them.

Any website is the primary selling point for many companies, and their business only counts on the website. Therefore, web developers erroneously consider that web development represents information to customers and strives to interact with them about the core part of web development.

The skillful web developers show their efforts towards promoting a site by creating a website within their budget. Thus, continuing with the trends and technologies, the web developers accomplish the web app development task as per clients’ needs that endows Nevina Infotech as one of the leading web development companies in Ahmedabad at GoodFirms.

The review obtained at GoodFirms reflects the quality of websites developed at Nevina Infotech.

Nevina Infotech website maintenance review

Apart from this, Rahim also elaborates on the mobile app development services catered to clients at national and international levels.

Nevina Infotech is a reputed mobile app development company offering studio for a while now, whether providing app creation for iOS App Store or Google Play Store. It offers a range of dedicated and high-quality mobile app development services for clients from different verticals and geographies with a polished appearance and the usability parameter considered when building an iOS or Android application.

Nevina Infotech’s mobile app developers have garnered rave appreciation from the clients and the users, as they consider the budget and time frame clients’ are looking at.

The expert app developers do an audit to check feasibility and discuss it with clients’ to arrive on common grounds. Once clients are convinced, they will start with the project, which begins with wireframing the app.

Once the app developers create wireframes, they do UI/UX design to have a fair idea of how the app will resemble and function, and as soon as the plans get approved from clients’ end, the team kicks off with the development via coding to develop a working prototype.

Thus, developing robust and holistic app solutions would soon endow Nevina Infotech to lead as one of Canada’s top mobile app development companies at GoodFirms.

Nevina Infotech goodfirms mobile app review

Concluding the interview, Rahim explains that the key point of differentiation is the dedicated resources Nevina provides that many companies do not carry forward.

He further continues by mentioning that Nevina serves all categories of people who need app development or any software development support, as it’s a time where technology is emerging and embedding the technology to many businesses is the new normal.

Nevina Infotech has repetitive customers as once the team develops the product, the story doesn’t end here. Every developed product whether, a web or mobile app – requires maintenance and support at one point. The expert team also provides maintenance and support services, allowing clients to add more features with time and expansion of their business. Nevina Infotech has a 100% ratio of repetitive business from the clients.

Thus, having gone through the excerpt mentioned above from Rahim Makhija’s interview, one can also read the detailed interview published at GoodFirms.

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Rahim Ladhani

Rahim Ladhani

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