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While catching the sight of smartphone usage, there is not a single user who does not have a mobile app on their screens. This makes a fact apparent – some part of our lifestyle is dependent on mobile applications. Online business platforms are surging as long as customers are likely to keep purchasing through mobile apps. Over 75% of businesses intend to build their personalized online space for their consumers.

But now, imagine having to choose an ideal mobile app development tool, How to decide the best for the project? This is why nowadays enterprises are looking for custom mobile application development services for looking through the project requirements. To this extent, they can implement an optimal solution to this drawn-out work.

Through this blog, Learn about app development tools and their disparate functions in app development. Also, you will know how to look for the right tool with the help of the listed features.

7 Best App Development Tools to Use for Mobile Platforms

Visual Studio Code

This is one of the best mobile app development tool to build an online platform. Visual Studio code is a lightweight version that streamlines code editor for use for Windows, Linux, and macOS. The tool enables swift mobile app development as it supports JavaScript, Node.js, and Typescript. Also, This tool creates an Integrated Development Environment (IDE) for a continuous cycle of code creation and debugging.

Some of its main features are:

  • Intelli-sense: This is a function that identifies the code gap and inserts the code.
  • Platform compatibility: It has the ability to build applications on main operating systems – Windows, Linux, and iOS.
  • Code comments: Allows the developers to re-check the lines and recall the changes they have made.


Code Runner is a code editing tool specifically for macOS, which is why to use this tool, businesses hire an iPhone app developer. Like any other mobile app development tool, it allows the developers to write, test, and debug the code design.

The advanced features like:

  • Code suggestions: Provides ease to the developers as it avails automated code suggestions to fill in the context
  • Live errors: Enables the developers to receive feedback while writing the code
  • Build-in project manager: Developers can manage their files with no trouble
  • Multi-language support: Facilitates the developer to write code in more than 20 languages such as PHP, Java, and so on.
  • Smart debugging: A function to write clear code.


For several mobile app development services, making changes in the app used to take more than a week. So to resolve that, Buddy is a reliable platform for businesses to alter and mechanize their processes. With this tool, app developers can effortlessly deploy these changes from CI/CD (continuous integration/ Continuous Deployment) without affecting other functionality. It is a time and cost-saving tool for the firms.

Its major features are:

  • Zero-downtime execution: Deploys the changes while the app is still running.
  • Effortless testing: Allows to test the functionality on various devices and systems.
  • Simultaneous working: Smoothens the operational processes of both deployment and development.


It is a supportive tool for creating cloud-based native applications in a quick manner. Kubernetes is a software that is designed to manage the containers and buildout process of the app. The platform avails scalability, agility in memory storage, and high-class functions for immutable performance and steady interoperability.

Its features are:

  • Different infrastructure functionality: Works on any cloud infrastructure, whether it is on-premise, public, or private.
  • Self-maintenance: Kubernetes balances the application’s state to maintain its performance without lags. For example, automatic restart, scaling, etc.
  • Load balancing: Distributes the traffic among the containers to prevent overload.


Considering that native apps are also a popular platform, this tool stands as the top platform for iOS mobile app development. XCode14 avails an Integrated Development Environment (IDE) to develop iOS apps for iPhone users. Likewise, the tool also provides the code-testing-debug cycle. However, to use it seamlessly, you have to hire iOS app developer.

Its common features are:

  • Interface Builder: Avails quick user interface deployment without any code execution
  • Error Detector: Alerts the coders right away about the faults to fix them with a keyboard shortcut
  • An asset catalog: Offers a cloud storage function to save all the files and media

Android Studio

Just like XCode14, Android Studio is a tool used for the Android operating system. It provides a scalable IDE to execute and maintain the codes for faultless app functionality. But for that, businesses have to hire Android app developers.

The major features are:

  • Emulator: It is a platform that is a replica of Android devices where the coders can test the application
  • Code editing and templates: The Android Studio tool offers code editing functions and templates to complete the suitable lines and customize the app.
  • Supports Kotlin: The tool backs up the official language of Android, Kotlin

Expo Go

Expo Go is one of the best app development tools that is used for React Native apps. Through this platform, developers can build native mobile apps with more eminence. Expo Go kit offers a time-to-market shortcut for easy launch.

Beneficial features are:

  • Access to native apps: With the SDK version and available APIs, coders can structure the functions and integrate them into the app.
  • Does not require coding knowledge: The Expo Go tool eliminates the need to know some OS-oriented codes for both Android and iOS.
  • Open-source: Because of its availability for free of cost, the developers’ community is growing contributing resources
  • Constant Updates: This tool helps in directly launching the app in various app stores without waiting for the publisher’s permit.

Benefits of Mobile App Development Tool

Effortless App Development Process

Every tool brings its own set of features and compatibility for the developers. Irrespective of choosing any of these tools, they are advantageous in terms of code execution for developing an app. The app development tools provide suggested codes and templates to carry through the app functionality with ease.

Time Saver

Most of the developers’ time is roughly spent on structuring the code and finding the right package manager. However, choosing a mobile app development tool speeds up the work of a mobile app developer. It helps in facilitating required resources, libraries, and themes to quickly customize and integrate them without a second glance.

Increases the Productivity of Testing and Modifying

Thanks to the availability of resources and libraries in app development tools, mobile app development services can reuse, test, and re-run the application. The application needs to have high-level performance to avoid vulnerabilities in the functionality. Hence, the easy code execution can lessen the hindrance in the seamless user interface.

Easy Security Measures Integration

For any mobile app, API is the crucial component that needs to be embedded in the application. With the help of SDKs and libraries, increasing the functional efficiency of the app becomes easier and more customizable through APIs. But even so, each operating system requires its experts to deal with its sets of libraries. For example, if suppose the app needs API integration for Android, you have to hire Android app development company.

Remote Tasks Collaboration with Third Team

Generally, handling the development tasks all at once drains enough time and delays project delivery. In such instances, businesses hire dedicated developer for platform testing and then launches the app.

However, even after reducing the costs, it becomes tedious and complicated to manage remote projects. But, while using a mobile app development tool, the team can communicate and work on different tasks at the same time.

Key Takeaway

Mobile applications are thriving in every other industry you name. Whether it is for business to customers or even B2B, online sites have proven to be a reliable platform for seeing lucrative growth in a short span. But when it comes to matching the project criteria, the app development process itself takes a long time to design, test, and maintain the code.

So to execute these codes with no trouble, the listed app development tools in this blog will give you a grip on your mobile app project. The right tool for suitable tasks can make the online platform speedier, have more efficient functionality, and fascinating user experience. The app’s dynamic and constantly evolving landscape gives a cutting edge to business needs.

Even so, using the mobile app development tool needs someone expert with adept knowledge of handling the codes. For that, hire a dedicated developer from a reputed mobile app development company to maintain and deploy your enterprise app correctly.


How to create a successful mobile app?

Building a mobile app needs a sure-fire plan for how your online business platform should be. So for that, start with research and note down your app idea. Along with that, decide on the app platform whether it would be a PWA or a native app. Then choose a mobile app developer with ample knowledge of development tools. At last, test the functionality on both Android and iOS devices.

What are the 2023 app development trends?

As mobile functionality keeps advancing with time, so do the application trends. Looking at the current mobile app industry trends, AI chatbots, cloud-based apps, P2P payment apps, and many other programs are integrated into mobile apps. Such software drivers offer a convenience from real-world activities to virtual experiences.

What is the future of app development?

As we can notice the online market growth, businesses are becoming aware of the key role mobile apps play in it. It is anticipated that the mobile app industry will grow up to $500 billion by 2026. So, the future of online mobile platforms holds ample opportunities for businesses.

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