Mom and pop stores were the only option to purchase things a few years back. But with the surge in the digital business model, a lot of online stores have mushroomed up for the convenience of the customers. Merchants are offering extravagant features on their websites to up the ante in the online shopping games. This hum around eCommerce is not just sheer hype, it is backed by facts. The share of eCommerce in spending is a mere 5% but it contributes 40% to the overall growth. More than 87% of shoppers browse through eCommerce reviews to finalize a purchase. Online sales are on a meteoric rise and it is expected to surpass 4.878 billion by 2021.

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Online merchants not only maneuver the trends in e-Commerce but also select a technology worth the effort. Magento has been on top of its game since its inception by launching out-of-the-box features now and then. This has led to the surge of online magento development services in india to cash on these game-changing features. Let us go through some of these cool features.

The Unique Multi-Vendor Marketplace

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Imagine a business in sales of multiple product lines having different websites for each one of them. How inconvenient would it be to manage multiple storefronts with different admin users? Magento permits a solitary storefront to be converted to a marketplace offering multiple vendors or setting up multiple shops under one roof. Moreover, all these stores are managed by the same admin dashboard requiring only one admin user. The icing on the cake is that different storefronts can have different languages, payment gateways, domains, etc. The tool is fruitful for stores operating in India. They can hire a magento development company in india to facilitate the business in creating different stores to cover diverse geographical segments or industries across the country. 

The Progressive Web Application Innovation

The Progressive Web Application Innovation - Nevina Infotech

Progressive Web Application, labeled as the future of eCommerce, is a technology that integrates the functionality of a web page and mobile apps. A PWA site is lightning fast in loading irrespective of the connection speed. It is compatible with multiple web browsers including Firefox, Chrome, etc. PWA site uses HTTPS protocol for a secure connection. These sites are responsive meaning that it automatically adjusts the content of the site according to the size of the display screen. These sites guarantee minimal content load even when the user is offline. These sites can even be installed on mobile phones like a regular app with the option of getting push notifications as well. The pages on PWA sites can even be shared on social media due to their unique links. The PWA Studio in Magento provides store owners tools to localize preferences, personify content, all with a consistent user interface irrespective of the device or the browser.

Voice search on an eCommerce store

Voice search is a technology that can be added to your eCommerce store to allow customers to search for the products they want simply through speaking. It would be easy to explore the products with this technology because they won’t have to type; they can only talk and get the things they are willing to buy.

Voice search provides your users to search for the items they want efficiently. This technology can optimize the user experience and can also make your eCommerce store unique and eye-catching.

The rise in this innovative technology has changed the view of eCommerce stores. Currently, many applications are using this fantastic technology, and it is very convenient for the customers.

AR/VR – Enhancing the shopping experience

Technology is not limited to some extent; it is limitless. Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality are a part of the latest technologies that enhance user experience and shopping experience.

Here are some of the advantages that are enhancing the shopping experience:

  • Create a better online shopping experience
  • In-store navigation
  • Contactless trial
  • Online marketing
  • Personalized product
  • Personalized marketing and product discovery
  • Creating virtual encounters
  • V-commerce
  • In-store VR
  • Facilitate employee training

These all are the advantages that your eCommerce store can benefit from using AR and VR.

AI-Enabled eCommerce

AI gives a new look and feels to your eCommerce store. As a result, customers will find your eCommerce store attractive. Here are some benefits of using Artificial Intelligence in an eCommerce store.

  • Create customer-centric search
  • Retarget potential customers
  • Identify exceptional target prospects
  • Create a more efficient sales process
  • Create a new level of personalization across multiple devices
  • Provide a personal touch with chatbots
  • Empower store workers
  • Implement virtual assistants
  • Integrate with everyday household items
  • Improve recommendations for customers

The Secure Magento Store

The Secure Magento Store | Nevina Infotech

The security of customer’s data has received unparalleled importance in all eCommerce technologies. There are regulations like the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) being enforced across the globe. The core focus of GDPR is to protect the financial and private data of users. The failure to comply with these security norms can result in financial doldrums as hefty penalties are involved. Magento periodically releases security patches and updates to boost the security level of users. Apart from this, various security plugins are offered by Magento for the perusal of security loopholes and fixing them. The secure hashing algorithm SHA-256 is used for the protection of passwords. The fraud protection module of Magento can spot and reject fraudulent orders on its own. On top of that, the SSL protocol is used for conducting sensitive transactions.  

Smooth Catalog Management

Smooth Catalog Management | Nevina Infotech

Product catalog management in an online store is a tricky and time-consuming affair. There are numerous to-do’s to take care of including adding product information, editing item details, inventory management, uploading images of products, etc. Magento’s catalog management is the best in class. The groups can be created for the bundling of products. The inventory can be managed effortlessly even with back-ordered products. One can mention the minimum and maximum quantity that can be ordered along with every product. The catalogs can be imported or exported to copy product attributes from one store to another. Businesses can also go for sales of digital products like digital music, e-books, etc. The set of attributes can be saved and applied as a unit on a product, a category, or the entire store. The product details can be edited without the need of opening individual product pages. Magento makes catalog management a hassle-free and smooth task.

Thousands of Extensions

Thousands of Extensions - Nevina Infotech

The Magento store owners are fortunate enough to be provided with more than 4k extensions on the Magento store. The Magento develops innovative features and uploads them to the Magento store for the utilization of Magento users. These extensions can customize the store to include new security features or enhance the look and feel of the store. These extensions not only save precious development time but also reduces the total cost of ownership (TCO).

Final Thoughts

Final-Thoughts | Nevina Infotech

The exclusive multi-vendor marketplace of Magento provides businesses the flexibility to create personalized stores for segments. PWA support combines the advantages of web pages and mobile apps. The unmatched security, suave catalog management, and countless extensions with Magento give businesses an edge over their competitors. To conclude, Magento is setting up new benchmarks to alter the eCommerce landscape time and again. Businesses that do not want to lag shall catch the Magento train. 

Rahim Ladhani

Rahim Ladhani

CEO and Managing Director