Customer acquisition is directly proportional to the growth and revenue of an organization. Businesses are continuously searching for innovative strategies to expand their customer base. Online businesses need to up the ante as they are competing with online as well as offline players. They need to ensure maximum traffic on their websites to achieve the expected revenue. Magento store owners have a competitive edge over other online players owing to the excellent in-built features of Magento. According to Nevina Infotech the features of Magento that can boost the website traffic are as follows. 

Support for Integration of Blog

Support for Integration of Blog - Nevina Infotech

Blogging goes a long way in driving traffic to your website. This is an effective strategy for attracting customers on your website. It further aids in improving your search rankings in search engines. There are various benefits associated with integrating a blog to your website. Some noteworthy advantages are –

  • A Blog serves as an important tool to improve your relationship with existing customers. You can encourage them to share the blog posts for earning reward points.
  • A Blog post can guide the customer in making the right decision about a product by going through the comments and reviews of other customers. The customers can be motivated to write reviews and comments for a new launch to catch the attention of a new customer base.
  • Businesses are at an advantageous position in search rankings if they regularly post articles on the blog. Fresh and relevant content fetched higher rankings in search results, which can increase the website traffic substantially.
  • Businesses can include adverts of their products through links on the blog for the announcement of a new product or an upcoming sale.
  • A Blog can be used to post interesting content through which businesses can interact with blog visitors on a one-to-one basis.

A magento development company can be hired for integrating the blogging feature in your store.

Regular Updation of the Platform

Regular Updation of the Platform | Nevina Infotech

Magento community is known for its proactiveness in the context of the latest trends and features. Team Magento updates the platform frequently, including new features in it. These new features enhance the performance of the platform and also provide functionalities, which can advance the traffic on the website. Magento goes for a major overhaul almost every quarter. This is evident from the fact that since the launch of Magento 2, more than 30 updates were done. Magento store owners should upgrade the platform regularly, to cash on the new customer acquisition tools provided with the subsequent release.

Faster Page Loading

Faster Page Loading - Nevina Infotech

An important factor in converting the visit of a new prospect into a customer is the loading speed of your store. A new customer stays engaged if the website loads quickly. Magento ensures that the page load time is minimal by including features like caching, minification, file compression, etc. The website speed can fetch you brownie points in the search engine’s page ranking. The search engine algorithm prefers websites with faster loading speed. Research has shown that a customer does not wait for more than three seconds for the website to load. For reviewing the performance of the website, one can hire magento development services and fine-tune it.

Mobile-Friendly & Responsive Platform

Mobile-Friendly & Responsive Platform | Nevina Infotech

Around 50% of shoppers use their mobile phones for online shopping. So, the platform should be mobile-friendly. Once you have attracted a prospective customer on your website, the ease of usage and aesthetics would be the crucial factors in converting him to a customer. Magento uses Progressive Web Application Studio that ensures a fast and engaging mobile-shopping experience to the users. For a large country like India with a fascination for varying mobile screens, it is essential to hire a magento development company in india. Progressive Web Application also guarantees that the Magento store is responsive, i.e. it automatically adjusts the size of images according to the screen size of the device. It delivers a mobile app like rich graphics perfectly suitable for small screens, enhancing the chances of conversion. 

SEO Friendly Platform

SEO Friendly Platform | Nevina Infotech

Three-quarters of total visits to a website are attributed to the search engines, including organic and paid search. This showcases the relevance of optimizing your website for search engine visibility. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) ensures that your store ranks in the top search results when a customer searches for a relevant term. Magento comes with in-built SEO features. Magento can rewrite the title, URLs, and meta-tags to make them SEO friendly.

Businesses often have to include the same product details on multiple pages creating duplication. On seeing duplicate content, search engines penalize a website by lowering its rank. Magento informs the search engine through canonical URLs that the pages have a master-child relationship and not duplicates. Moreover, SEO friendly product descriptions can be created through the dynamic content generation feature of Magento automatically. For reaping maximal benefits from SEO efforts in a country with multiple regional languages, it is suggested to hire magento development services in india.

Final Thoughts

Final Thoughts | Nevina Infotech

To expand the customer base, businesses need good traffic on their website. This is possible through the generation of unique and engaging content which can be done through blogging. The content generated should be SEO-friendly so that more and more organic traffic is diverted to your website. The page loads should be faster to keep the customer hooked. The website should be mobile-friendly to capture the small-screen audience. The website should enrich its features regularly. Store owners can perform all these actions with ease by upgrading to the Magento platform.

Rahim Ladhani

Rahim Ladhani

CEO and Managing Director