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In dynamic and ever-evolving words, the demand for mobile applications has truly experienced a revolutionizing surge. As smartphones become more provisionary and technology aspects, individuals exactly seeking innovative and cross-platform apps that streamline their routine tasks and enhance their digital experience. With the multitude of Android apps developed, music streaming apps like Apple Music stand above the competition. Connect with the iOS app development company of your range for a better development package.

Our mobile app development company is highly-anticipated entertaining applications that deliver users a vast amount of music shows sourced from several streaming platforms. It is renowned for its initiative in user integration and extensive content library, Apple has formally solidified its exertion as the premier choice for the entertainment enthusiast that seeking exhaustive quality and convenience.

What is the Apple Music App?

Apple Music is remodeling the music streaming service and app that puts fundamental websites like Apple Music at your fingertips across your favorite gadgets. Beginning with the music you can already know that all your favorite music is in one place alongside the Apple music patterns with unlimited live-streaming songs. You can streamline any song, album, or playlist that you have selected or let Apple Music do all the tasks for you. The machine learning development company is an expert in making Apple-like Music apps with robust features.

Apple has employed the most qualified, and well-experienced music experts from across the globe who are dedicated to creating the ideal playlist based on your choices, they have become the best curators for more you listen to it. Additionally, human curation like “ Siri” is also dedicated to helping you enjoy extreme music and utilize the entertainment app development services to experience Apple Music. You can ask Siri to, “play me the best songs from 2024,” Play the best FKA twigs song, “ or the list of popular songs in February.

How to create a Live Music Streaming App like Apple?

When it comes to developing live music streaming apps, most users and businesses usually desire an entertaining platform. While considering the music-fetching app, most of the startups and experienced enterprises are looking forward to developing music-streaming apps similar to Apple. Music streaming apps are digital platforms that enable users to search and listen to billions of songs of users’ preference from genres, artists, and record labels. This live music platform is blooming the internet and so most of the startups, developers, and tech-businesses individuals are looking ahead to develop one another platform

Let’s delve into understanding the process of creating a live-streaming app for Startups:

1. Define your target audience and their requirements:

You don’t just need to create a live-streaming app that is highly anticipated with assumptions. Instead, you can learn and define the actual requirements of your desired users to produce the live streaming app for them. Plan as well as communicate with the users and know your challenges and their expectations. The feedback will set you on the right platform along with the right audience response for building the app. Our software development services are satisfactory in making robust Apple-like music streaming apps for reputed firms.

2. Select the Monetization strategies

Ultimately, you might desire to monetize the live streaming app based on three ways a paid app for the user who pays the fee of downloading the app and enjoys a better version of the application, a free version that contains some of the features that are accessible to pay users, and Advertisements that run ads on the app to generate exhaustive advertising fees.

3. Use a Steadfast Platform for live streaming, hosting, and storage

This is the tough stage that needs to decide which platform is most viable for streaming, hosting, and storing the continent. You could exit by dissolving quality for some cost in the beginning, but the inadequate performance becomes more obvious when users and traffic evade. Users have un-bearable for live streams or low-resolution videos, which will diminish the overall app.

For hosting and storage, you can go with options like Google Cloud Platform (GCP) or Microsoft Azure which deliver scalable and secure cloud-based services. For live streaming, you can look ahead into stipulated web app development services that are designed to deliver robust quality, reliable video content to a wider audience. These produce a good balance of quality and scalability, essential for growing user bases and improving content ultimately.

4. Create outstanding UI/UX Design

Now the next step here we have is the UI/UX design creation for your live streaming app. As per the product design process, you can prioritize more unsophistication and initiative app development because they initially impact user retention and satisfaction. The app implementation is required for a clear and minimal layout that showcases live content and interactive elements like chat and reaction emojis that encourage viewer interactions.

The user’s clear and responsive buttons that ensure help to start and stop streams. That ensures the robust app navigation for finding live and refined content that can easily be available on the screen. The design testing with real users can identify and eliminate any conflict points. The UI/UX design for a live streaming app and user experience is directly bound to the immediacy and quality of the interaction.

5. Build and test an MVP for your live-streaming app

You could have dozens of ideas that you will be able to implement in your live music streaming app, but the better way to test it is to build an MVP. An App MVP delivers a minimum viable product and it is a weightless version of the application that only contains the important features that need to be functional well. It is simple and enables you to get appropriate feedback from its users with ease of use. At this level, you need to consider some things as the tech stack live streaming app development. Similar to any other app, you will still be required to decide on programming languages, databases, messaging queries, and other live-streaming app development aspects.

There are two different Streaming Protocol that are used to streamline music apps

  • RTMP protocol
  • WebRTC protocol

1. RTMP Protocol

It stands for the real-time messaging protocol that is used for high-definition streaming. The live streams at concerts and conferences are being promoted via RTMP. the top advantage of using RTMP is that you’re able to transmit high-featured audio/video. However, this happened at the core of lengthy processing time where there’s a delay of a few seconds between the screen capture and the viewers’ screen.

2. WebRTC

It is a popular protocol that concentrates on real-time coordination that you might be finding on a digital mp3 platform. While WebRTC is a superior platform in terms of speed, it will neglect the transmission of the quality if the bandwidth is adequately used. We can use live music streaming platforms that provide viable aspects for content management. In this case, Amazon web services become the ultimate solution that provides essential tools to manage streams, host the applications, and deliver content for its desirable users.

Selecting the perfect Content delivering network (CDN) can enable the better availability and high- prosperity of the live streaming platform for the users. The AWS CloudFront is another option that suggests powerful music streaming services such as Apple. You can also use Amazon chime for one-time WebRTC audio meetings.

6. Release, Maintain, and Improve

Subsequently, all the time and effort you have spent on app discovery, testing, and MVP development can come in one rewarding outcome of the product launch. Our experienced iPhone application development company will exclusively determine what exactly you require at this stage, and visualize all the important things in your mind. The launch of the app starts with the best version that includes all the essential feedback from its users and is sophisticated with your app if required. For this, platforms for iOS and Google Play Store beta features for Android are extremely utilized. The Android app development company makes the overall process easy to provide the Apple music app-based product to the clients.

Before the official app launch, you will submit your app to the desirable app stores such as Apple’s app stores, Review guidelines, and the Google Play developer policy center guidelines. Both app stores will initially review your app to confirm it meets its quality criteria before it becomes more available for download. With the launch of music apps like Apple Music, the work is not just finished, as it tracks the analytics of users’ behavior on your live-streaming music app. Thus it is more important to take users into app account creation, testing, and implementations that make the work to the existing app functionality.

How Much Does it Cost to Create an Apple Music Streaming App?

The cost to build a mosaic streaming app can be based on analyzing a few factors, such as the features of the applications, the platform integration that would be running on multiple platforms, and the region that your Apple Music app develops by its robust functionalities.

ComplexityCost Estimation
Simple App development$30,000 to $70,000
Medium App Development$70,000 to $100,000
Complex App Development$100,000 to $200,000+

Remember that this numerical data is not just a prediction that could change on real requirements that can be initially done as a task. Costs can vary depending on the various kinds of factors that evolve the features list and tech stack that is used in the app development based on its wider complexity.

Factors that Affecting the Cost of Building Streaming Apple Music Apps

We truly understand the struggle of finding the Apple Music app cost. The data on factors that can affect the on-demand music app development cost, can be decided on the music streaming app development estimated app cost.

1. Complexity of the Music App

The on-demand app development can’t always be more complicated. All you need is a robust platform that provides the best user experience. While creating the music app, you may need to make it easier for your users to streamline their favorite music. You must make a music app that is AI-driven and streamlined with all the music recommendations that your consumers may require. However, a more complex app can cost you with a higher development.

2. App Platform

You just need to decide on the selection of the music streaming app platform to estimate Apple-like app for Apple-like app development cost guidelines. The platform for the app must be more eco-friendly which can enable the user to download it easily. Hire mobile app development services providers that can assist you in the process of deciding the Apple Music mobile app costs. You must do the selection of the platform by identifying the cost of Apple Music. It can also require separate development efforts for each platform. A cross-platform development especially streamlines the overall framework and can help you determine the cost of music app development.

3. App Features

The initial app features that are required considerably depend on your demand for creating a music app that meets the customers’ expectations. The estimation of creating a music app like Apple and its estimated cost can also depend on the app features they utilize.

4. App Design

The design of the app can represent that the app must have well-designed user integration and exhaustive user experience that can help in increasing user engagement. All you can do is add customized graphics, transitions, and animated- characteristics to rank it within the reputed app that carries additional app design costs and efforts. Your music app can also contain accessible features in the app that address the needs of the users with disabilities. The entertainment app development company ensures high-quality, feature-rich music streaming applications for music fans.

5. Team Size and Location

The size and location of the team developing your music streaming app like Apple can also have an impact on the overall cost. The teams located in the region can highly charge you more cost. On the other hand, a large team can help you speed up the entire process by creating the best music app like Apple which can be more expensive. You can interact with multiple app development agencies, can compare with tier-on-demand music development costs for better solutions.

How Much Does it Cost to Develop Music Streaming App Like Soundcloud?


Overall, it can be stated that the cost to create Apple Music can be highly anticipated based on the multiple factors that affect the on-demand music app development cost contain the app complexity, maintenance, design, app features plugins, and others. The app factors can be utilized to creep, technical dept, and legal compliances that can have a large impact on the cost of creating a live streaming music app.

Developing an app like Apple requires in-depth market research, a lot of paperwork, a clear roadmap, and a skilled team of developers. Choosing the perfect tech stack and resources is initially important when managing the overall development cost of creating a music streaming app like Apple.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much time is required to create a live-streaming music app like Apple?

The average time to develop an app like Apple will be between three- to nine months, based on the app’s complexity. With the help of AI development services, our developers’ team completes the project before the deadlines end.

Does it is beneficial to create a music app in the present market?

Absolutely yes, building a music app in the current market from the reputed artificial intelligence development services provided can be more beneficial depending upon the factors that involve the exclusive market demand, monetization strategies, market competency, and unique ability of the product that are beneficial.

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