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As we talk about today’s world it is we get everything at our fingertips. Digitalization has made many things easier and whatever we want from over the globe is delivered to us in no time.

Ecommerce is rapidly increasing at high speed widely. Ecommerce platforms have shown the best apps like Edamama which are used by users extensively. An app like Edamama has shown drastic improvement over the time of launch till date in all terms from marketing strategy, to the payment gateway, retailing, shipping, customer support, and most importantly the user experience by making the application pleasant to the eyes and easy to access.

About Edamama

Edamam is a one-stop shop for all babies’ requirements. Here all necessary items like baby food, clothing, toys, etc for kids and babies are available in a wide range. Edamama provides a wide range of products as per the needs and uniqueness of babies and parents.

Must-Have Features for Apps like Edamama

For creating App like Edmama the ecommerce platform provider needs to make sure that the app is unique and that it considers all the necessities for the users to be fulfilled, also it has features that provide all details of the product with accurate images of the product on the application.

To create a successful app like Edamama the application must have features like:

User Interface:

A User-friendly interface is a plus point for any application which helps the user to make easy selections in the application. Easy navigation creates filter options, etc helps customers locate items with ease. Applications should be made interesting by the user interface by using good colors, fonts, and animations.

The user interface also should be easy to use by showing specific categories like men, women, kids, accessories, footwear, decoration, and other options.

Product Catalog:

The application should have clear and detailed information about the product. Edamama application provides all product details information with accurate images of diapers, clothes, toys, etc. User accounts and profile: It is a must to provide a user to create their account on the application so it helps to make convenient tracking of orders, creation or selecting products and add to cart for further process and also helps to make secure payments on the same.

Secure Payment Gateway:

The application should have a secured and easy payment gateway where there are options to make payments through credit card, pay on delivery, debit card, coupons (if applicable), etc.

Product review and ratings:

To make the user confident in your product and application features ratings and reviews should be enabled so the customer is allowed to suggest and make comments or rate the product for future decisions for the same. Product reviews are vital to ensure that there is any improvement or any updation needed to make the user feel heard.

Order Tracking and Notifications:

This feature helps customer to track their order in real-time where the order is notified to them whether it is shipped, in process, or delivered for a better experience to track the order.

Shopping Cart and Wishlist:

Adding to-buy products to the cart and wish-listing the product to buy later helps to create a customer better experience while buying from the application. While adding to the cart there can be coupons available for discounts to make the shopping interesting like discounts on shipping fees, discounts on bank payments, discounts on products, or additional company discounts it makes the customer shopping interesting and happy.

Push Notification:

Keep customers engaged by sending them personalized push notifications about discounts, new arrivals, special offers, sales, etc. Pop-up notifications also remind and keep the customer engaged and updated on any information the provider needs to send to the customer.

Customer support:

Good Customer support is an essential and basic foundation that will help the customer to solve or contact any inquiry and it will enhance the application and help to grow fast. Customer support in the form of calls, live chats, and emails is efficient and quicker to help the user solve the issue.

Multi-platform compatibility:

Ensure that the application runs on both Android and IOS so that it can reach the maximum audience. Digitally now we have so many platforms to showcase and advertise the product and also we have launching platforms so users can download access and take advantage of the application to the fullest.


The app should be created in a way that it can handle changes and also accept the growing number of products or customers. Scalability is essential when the application or product creates a huge demand for the inflow of products in applications.

Payments and Shipping:

The application should allow customers to pay in different currencies and should also provide different modes of payments for easy digital payment and possibly provide cash on delivery the product should be shipped globally for a bigger platform to reach the end number of users and if it is local or domestic application company the product should be reached to customers in the minimum period.


Security should be provided on the application as it is digitalized the provided should ensure the details logged in the application are safe to the user and for payments the SSL encryption and secure authentication modes are essential.

Analytics and reporting:

Integrate analytic tools to track user behavior, sale data, and other key metrics. This information will help the provider to make user experience more easy. Analyzing the graph weekly, daily, monthly, and yearly will help the provider to improve the application and strategies for further development of the application.

Cost to Develop An App Like Edamama

Edamama has created an easy experience for busy moms to explore the best options for toys, clothes, and quality diapers for their kids. It is not just an app but it is a platform for most to get quality products for their kids and babies.

What is the cost of an app like Edamama? So the answer is, that the cost of any application depends on the geographical location – where the application will be used, complexity – how complex is the application made, features – how many features and what features are used for the uniqueness and easy accessibility of the user on the application.

Factors Influencing the Cost of eCommerce App Like Edamama

To ensure the app is developed with all the must-have features the cost of an application can vary from product to product on an ecommerce application. The cost of an application is influenced by important basic factors and they are; Feature complexity, development team expertise, design, user interface, location of the development team, platform selection, data security measures, and post-launch support.

Feature Complexity:

To make an application there are some basic and much-needed features to navigate any application so it would cost at that range adding the latest technology features like using a search bar for the product will cost basic but adding voice search will cost a bit more. Complex features help to make the app easier and more convenient to use.

Development team expertise:

The development team affects the application from a major perspective. The more experienced team of developers will charge high and will work on the application with the best skill set they possess and the result would be more efficient on the contrary if the work of developing the application is done by a less skilled developers team then it would be charged less and the features would also be less and few characters would be compromised due to less costing which will affect the result and the outcome of application would be average. So, an expert development team for application development will bring value to the application.


A UI/UX design is essential for any application to make it pleasant to the eyes and also access should be developed in a way that the user navigation is friendly. Designing an application like the Edamama application cost more because it was developed by high-end developers with good skill set the result of it is seen in the application and its usage and how it got downloaded in large numbers in a short time with great positive review. The user interface is very important so the navigation on the application becomes easier and more convenient.

The developers hired for the application would also make applications for Android and IOS so this developer would be different who develop on phones or tables for this application Android and IOS mobile developers would be hired too.

Location of Development Team:

A development team with highly skilled developers is important but hire dedicated developers will cost as per the geographical location in which developers are located. The developers charge by the skill set and expertise but also they charge according to location if the developer is from America it will cost more than a developer in India.

Platform Selection:

It is essential to select the right platform to showcase the application to the right audience. The right platform for the application can be Android or IOS or both can affect the cost of the application. The native application platform could be both and to save the cost the provider can limit a few features on different platforms while not compromising on the ease of use of the application.

Data security measure:

In today’s digital world data breaching has become very common and feeding personal details like credentials, and card details can bring a a bit of concern to the user based on the safety of their details getting breached. As a provider like the Edamama app the security of data is prevented and taken care of by encryption and also by logging in details or biomatrix. Data security measures should be taken care of by the provider and this step ensures the customer that their details and credentials are safe and this will create faith in the company.

Post Launch support:

Finally, updating and maintaining an app like Edamama also contributes to the overall expense of the application. Updating and maintaining the application like bug fixing regularly, updating any new feature required, and also support services are ongoing costs as to run any application this is a continuous cost to the provider. Some costs would be seasonal cost as there are few changes per season and the demands of these costs also affects the application cost. For making any budget for an app like Edamama these points should be noted and the budget should be made accordingly for a better experience.

How to Develop an App like Edamama?

  • To develop an app like Edamama there are a few points to make sure beforehand to make the best use of resources and make the user experience pleasant and lead to creating loyal customers. Developing an application includes essentials like hire a dedicated developers team, app development, customised app development, hire Android developers, hire IOS developers, hire mobile app developers, Ecommerce app developers team. These all developers could be found as freelancers or the best option is to go with an app development company for one stop to find all developers as we Nevina Infotech provide these types of services with the best quality and 24/7 support.
  • For developing an app like Edamama market research is the first thing to analyze as to how much is the demand for the product in which area and what would be the best platform to showcase the application for users on. Following that what is the business plan on how to reach the targeted audience and how to grow and sustain in the market by updating and maintaining consistency in this fast-growing digital world where every day a new demand and new providers are creating tough competition for sustaining on the position with the same quality to not lose the customers and their trust.
  • App like Edamama have sustained themselves because of their highly skilled developers team and good business plan and developing and updating their application as and when wanted with new technology and requirements .technology and demand for seasonal products create a busy atmosphere and especially the trust of customers on most delicate and important thing is there personal details and payment gateways which shall be secured with the utmost security and encryptions. Apps like Edamama sustained due to continuous improvement and upgrading their products and application user interface as required to make the user experience delightful.
  • An app like Edamama has always ensured the quality they provide to their customers in terms of the product, the upgrading the technology, and good user interface experience with secured payment gateway options also they are always improving their application on all ecommerce platforms and Andriod and IOS application as well.
  • Marketing strategy plays a key role in getting recognition of any application or product in the market by selecting the right platform and more importantly the right audience. We can see that so many advertisements have celebrities that have famous songs or slogans to make them unique and noticeable apart from competitors.
  • Applications are mainly launched on Google Play or Appstore so a wide range of people can download them easily and access them without any chaos. Launching of apps is nowadays also done widely on social media, reading pop-up ads on all websites, doing campings, creating influencers partnerships, email champings, distributing samples, and many different marketing strategies are applied and used but the marketing team while launching the application.
  • Lastly, the most important after launch is customer support is the key to sustaining any application. App like Edamama and most applications on ecommerce nowadays use live chats, emails, and immediate call support and it is done as quickly as possible to give a better user experience and it helps in faster solving issues or queries of the user which creates faith for the application company. Most ecommerce apps are 24/7 live chant and few also provide 24*7 call services.


Developing an app like Edamama includes a lot of important aspects from thought to reality of making the application and post-launch responsibilities to maintain the position in the market. The application works through a lot of marketing strategies to the right audience from the right e-commerce platform.

An app like Edamama has sustained through the years because of its good marketing strategy and also the targeted audience. Consumer satisfaction plays a vital role as it also works as word of mouth and it works faster than any other advertisements. If the users are satisfied with all the resources provided and the application is pleasant to the eyes and easy on the hands surely the audience would be created as loyal customers and the word of mouth will work as an advertisement and also the security measures taken care of in payment gateways and detailed personal information and credentials.

Rahim Ladhani

Rahim Ladhani

CEO and Managing Director