Needless to say, there is huge competition in businesses these days. Amidst this competition, it has become difficult to find the best Java developer company that can work on the latest applications.

The businesses that are cautious to hire a Java programmer online are not wrong completely. You never know if the Java programmer cheats on you and run away. Now, finding a Java programmer online is convenient too on the other hand. Instead of being afraid of hiring a Java developer, one should know what to look for, while hiring java developer services online. To help you further, we are here with some of the factors that should be considered while hiring a Java developer company.

1. Java Based Certifications

While shortlisting the best Java development companies for your business, you should see if they are certified to be called as Java developers. The certifications would mean that the company is capable to develop new programming applications in Java. the certification would speak of how upgraded they are when it comes to Java development.

2. Expertise in Using Cloud Technologies

The Java developer you are looking forward to hire, must possess the cloud computing skills. There are plenty of cloud computing technologies such as Google App Engine, Amazon EC2, Windows Azure, Rackspace and so on. Your Java development should know how to work on these cloud technologies and implement the same for the business growth.

3. Security and Privacy

One one hand, the technology provides us with quicker ways to achieve results and on the other hand, it can be hacked easily. The Java developer you hire must value your source data, the trading secrets of your company and all the other information during the developing phase of the program. Everything should be done in a controlled environment so that nothing is leaked outside.

4. All services in one Page

The Java developer you hire should be your one-stop destination for all kinds of java services like J2EE, JSP, Servlets, and JSF. your java developer should be an expert at providing all these services under one roof.

5. Number of services executed

With the help of the above points, you would come to know the expertise of the Java developer and here, you will find out his past. Look at the past completed projects of the Java developer to find out the credibility of the company. You can talk to the company’s previous clients to know how was their performance. This is how you can easily check and analyze the quality of their work.

6. Size of team

If you need a developer who can accomplish your development projects at a faster pace then you should look for a developer with a big team. Consistent java development needs expert hands at work. Ideally, any of the Java developers must possess skilled and talented hands to complete the projects under the timeline.

The above discussed were some of the important factors to consider while choosing your Java developer. However, there can be other factors too, that you can take into note while deciding on your Java developer company. The goal of this article is to keep you in sync with the industry trends and to provide you with a piece of advice so that you end up getting the best.

Rahim Ladhani

Rahim Ladhani

CEO and Managing Director