With around 3.48 billion active social media users, the attention of online stores is diverted towards social media as a platform for reaching out to potential customers. Social media platforms have also discovered this fondness lately and have integrated various social selling tools on their platforms. Social selling is the new buzzword amongst sales professionals. Social sales were responsible for generating more than half of the sales amongst 14 major verticals. Social media influencers are making huge bucks by promoting products on social media. More than three-quarters of B2B buyers make decisions influenced by social media. The absence of businesses on social media platforms can lead to plummeting sales. Magento stores off late understood the importance of the phenomenon, and store owners hire magento developer to integrate social media on their platforms. Industries like lifestyle, fashion, beauty, sporting goods, etc. profoundly promote products on social media platforms. The key to higher social sales is to provide shoppers the right product content in abundance.  

Get Your Product Content Right

Get Your Product Content Right | Nevina Infotech

The fact that an average user spends around two hours daily on social media platforms and the unparalleled access provided by Social media makes it an irresistible platform for marketers. Online merchants can opt for two-way interaction to connect with the customers directly. These social media sites allow merchants to sell their products directly to the consumer instead of providing just a mere platform for advertising. However, the content associated with the product should be compelling enough to garner the interest of the customer and should be platform-specific. It means that the “one size fits all” approach will not work for all social media platforms. The product content is as important as the eye-catching images and dazzling videos for a successful social sales campaign. The strengths of each social media platform should be accessed, and the product content should be altered to fit seamlessly in the channel.

Social Selling on Facebook

Social Selling on Facebook - Nevina Infotech

With 2.45 billion users, Facebook is the largest social media network. Along with its global reach, this platform also boasts of covering varied demographic groups intriguing the multinational B2B and B2C businesses. Facebook is a platform that can be used to have consequential conversations with prospects and give businesses insights about the exact requirements of the target audience. Facebook provides merchants a medium to interact with customers, but building a connection with this horde requires substantial efforts. Businesses should create product catalogs with rich and accurate product content. The visual assets and product content should be formatted as per the Facebook parameters instead of traditional documents. Magento store owners hire magento developer online to develop extensions to integrate their stores with Facebook.

Social Selling on Instagram

Social Selling on Instagram - Nevina Infotech

With more than 1 billion active users, Instagram is the most engaging network after Facebook. An important reason for the popularity of the platform amongst marketers is that more than 70% of the Instagram users are young adults i.e., under the age of 35. These people, often called millennials, are responsible for the majority of online shopping. Another staggering figure which underlines the importance of Instagram as an influential social media channel is that 83% of Instagram users have reported discovering new products and services via Instagram. About 50% of Instagrammers follow at least one business making them a potential customer.

Instagram now allows in-app shopping, which allows the users to directly purchase products from the companies from within the app itself. Businesses are leveraging this powerful platform to promote and sell their products. The content for Instagram (in the product catalogs) obviously comprises of appealing images and stunning videos to stress upon the superlative properties of the products.  Magento stores set up Instagram shops with the help of Magento extensions.

Social Selling on LinkedIn

Social Selling on LinkedIn | Nevina Infotech

LinkedIn, with more than 610 million active users, was created as a platform for networking of business professionals. It has now become a breeding ground for social selling and collaboration. Social sales statistics reveal that 70% of sales professionals use LinkedIn to close sales. It is a dominant social media platform for B2B sales. The social sales process reveal with optimizing business’ personal information to pique potential prospects, but product content is equally relevant. The content should be tailor-made to suit the platform. The crafty posts are used here to attract fellow users. Images and videos cannot replace the informative and relevant content on this platform. This platform is more suited for professionals rather than show-off content.  

Wrap Up

Wrap Up | Nevina Infotech

The social media platforms grab the attention of online shoppers, but the attention span is short-lived if the product content is not relevant, up to the mark, and appealing. In the absence of quality content, these prospects will not convert into customers. The management of product information and product experience is critical to amass a remarkable shopping experience on social media. The product content, including visual assets, should be meticulously accurate as one in every three customers had dropped a purchase due to inconsistent and erroneous product details. To conclude, social media enhances the revenue of the business to a large extent. But, focusing on the product content and altering it to suit the respective platform can do wonders for the social sales figures.

Rahim Ladhani

Rahim Ladhani

CEO and Managing Director