For a CTO, the most challenging job is to hire a Java developer as this developer is extremely crucial for the development and evolution of their internal systems.

Java development has turned 20 but its importance and functionality will never cease to exist. Java is the most requested skill of a software engineer and for most of the recruiter, hiring a great java developer is like getting a Holy Grail.

What makes Java so different and why is it the most demanding skill in the market. Read further to know the state of Java in the technology market and get insights to hire a Java developer for your organisation.

1. The permanent Java developers are gold dust

Most of the permanent software developers are like gold dust for the business but when it comes to Java, it is the most attractive languages present. The language is robust and it has maintained a consistency in the market despite numerous ups and downs in the programming world. Java has the inherent ability to scale and this makes Java unarguably the best programming language for the companies who wish to expand their business internationally.

Hire a Java Developer, if you are looking forward to scaling up your business.

2. Why Java Developers are different from the lot?

A reliable Java developer has a strong knowledge of the language but when he doesn’t have the knowledge of the framework, the recruiters are a bit cautious to hire him.

On the other hand, the exceptional Java developers have the absolute knowledge about the front end and back end processes, Scala, multiple databases such as My SQL and Oracle, node SQL and so on. Today, the recruiters are hiring the Java developers who are not only skilful in programming but are also able to reach to the client level and understand the front end of the application. They should mentor and upscale the knowledge of the juniors, are agile at work and happy to share their work across people down the line.

The above points clearly that a perfect Java developer is an all-rounder. He is not only a great programmer but he is also an effective communicator, a leader and can understand the entire process of the ecosystem.

A person with such great skills and abilities are hard to find but once you can hire a Java developer with the above-mentioned skillset, it is similar to finding the gold dust.

Having said this, the superstar Java Developers might find it difficult to select one out of numerous opportunities lying for them. Here are some of the tricks that can help them land at reliable prospects.

  • A Java developer should look for work with strong and reliable clients. Nowadays, finding someone’s credibility is not difficult.
  • While speaking to the recruiters, they should ask them about:
  • The market trend, the current climate of the market.
  • The salary that they would get.
  • The Java developer should take the recruiter as an adviser and this person is the one who will help him get the next good job.
  • Some insights on how to hire Java Developers for your firm

Off late, all the companies have realised that if they wish to hire java programmer online with the great calibre and potential, they cannot be rigid on their work specs. Just by looking at the work experience of a developer will not help rather, the recruiter should look for the raw skills and the potential of the developer.

If you want to hire a brilliant java developer, you need to have an exceptional organisational environment too. An exceptional java developer would look for a healthy team environment where he would get ample opportunities to improvise and bestow his knowledge upon people of different niches in the organisation. He would join a company who is open to creative ideas and tools, looks for an agnostic approach to technology and a culture that enforces progression and professional development.

Follow these simple rules and hire a Java Developer to treasure him forever.

Rahim Ladhani

Rahim Ladhani

CEO and Managing Director