React is a JavaScript framework available as open source. It is currently the front-end development technology that is most widely used across the globe. ReactJS offers support for both frontend and server-side and is in charge of creating an array of or rendering UI components.


Angular JS

AngularJS is a web application framework that is open source, Javascript written in Typescript, and maintained by Google. Angular is the second most preferred front-end web framework for its large gallery of tools and solutions. It is more convenient for enterprise web applications that are fully customized.


jQuery is also an open-source library suitable to design web applications. With the help of this library, developers may do jobs with minimal coding. It is internally built using the JavaScript library. jQuery is considered a powerful, feature-rich cross-platform framework that is easy as well as extensive.

Vue JS

Vue JS is also a very popular and demanding framework used for custom web application development which requires flexibility, high performance, and lightweight components. It allows users to create interactive and attractive UI for all types of applications, simple or complex. It is currently most preferred by developers for its best official libraries. It also supports creating a single-page application.


EmberJS is a front-end open-source web framework, with highly productive Javascript used for custom web application development. It employs a customer-service pattern to create UI designs that are easily accessible to all devices. It creates single-page web applications with all-inclusive features. Apple Music is one of the most popular EmberJS web applications.

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