Why Choose Magento B2B Commerce?

Comprehensive B2B platform:

Magento produces a comprehensive solution for your online stores. It enables you to offer multiple brands via channel partners and key accounts.  

Purchase orders to manage and monitor workspace:

Purchasing orders can serve as a means for companies to manage and monitor their orders. It enables to prevention of the potential for fraudulent purchases. 

B2B Payment and Shipping methods:

Magento Provides a wider range of payment accessibility, such as cash on delivery, credit card payment, and PayPal. 

Custom user roles and Permissions:

Custom user roles and permissions play a cinematic role in simplifying the B2B purchase. These features enable customers to tailor their experience by configuring various user roles and permissions. 

Fast orders for a faster checklist:

With the help of Magento, buyers can enter the Stock Keeping Units (SKU) of the products they want to purchase directly into the systems.