What are the Used Cases of E-commerce Artificial Intelligence 

Personalized Product Recommendation

This is the most important tool of AI in online shopping to increase customer experience. AI learns from past purchase experiences, predicts future purchases, and recommends products to the users personally. This personalized treatment encourages users and recommendations make it easy for them to pick their requirements quickly.

Dynamic Pricing Optimization

It seems quite difficult to manage prices, especially when you have a large inventory, deciding prices with keeping in mind all the important details like market price, manufacturing costs, demand, and supply is a long as well as time-consuming procedure.

Chatbots for Increased Consumer Support

Customer support teams have to answer questions, solve queries, help with issues like checkout or failed transactions, deal with returns & exchanges along with answering for delayed delivery and shipment issues.

Voice Search

OpenAI technology in e-commerce has NLP (Natural Learning Processing) which enables voice search to understand the natural language of the user and easily provide them with accurate results of what they are looking for.

Visual Search

Visual search is gradually becoming popular among eCommerce platforms for better customer experience. It is searching for an item or product using images rather than text, keywords, or voice. People are sometimes unable to explain what they exactly want or don’t know the exact keywords to search for.