What are the Top Features of Flutter for Mobile App Development

Open source  

Flutter is an open-source platform and free to use. You can easily add and configure third-party libraries, packages, add-ons, and features such as multimedia, chats, and any other features you want to add to your project.

Cross-platform support 

Flutter provides you with the opportunity to use a single codebase for multiple launch platforms. Flutter can develop applications for web, desktop, and mobile and you do not need to write specific codes for Android or iOS.

SDK and Native Features 

Flutter simplifies development by utilizing its native code, APIs, open-source libraries, and third-party integrations, giving a speedy and efficient developer experience.

Hot reload 

Hot reloading helps instantly track all the changes you have done in the code. It also shows if any updates are required.


Flutter has a variety of styles in designs and widgets that can be customized as per your project’s needs.