A Progressive Web App for Travel Industry?

What are the Technical Components of  

Service Workers:

A file manifest acts like a proxy between a web application and the network. Managing cache and server assets within a zero network can enable offline use. Also, multiple changes were handled, like push notifications and background issues

Distinct Web Apps

A JSON file that discloses the availability and behavior of the PWA after the installation of an application on a device. Specific icons, the site URL, showcase type site, organization, and theme contrast.

Applications Shell Architecture:

A reputed design based on the concept that evolves minimal HTML, CSS, and JavaScript for an indulged load, providing the core app structure. It allows dynamicConcerning loads that don’t require any shell fetches again.

Responsive Design:

To utilize responsive, web app design, the instant principal is used to ensure the app works in a better way on any device or on Fullscreen.


Ensures the best security of the web pages with instant connectivity between the user and the PWA. Data encryption is in transit to prevent unexpected attacks.

Server Push Notifications:

It enables users to allow the app to send constant and personalized notifications to its users, even if the browser doesn’t work. Engages users with reliable content to bring them back to the application.


It provides client-side experience in storing the data and is accessible on modern browsers to enhance performance and enable offline features too.

Fetching API:

It provides a modernized, user-based mechanism for making network requests and handling all responses. It also replaces the formal XMLHttpRequest (XHR) and is used adequately by service workers.

Cross-platform compatibility:

It ensures that PWAs must perform across all devices with different browsing and elegant features that support PWA.

Linkable and Discoverable:

PWAs can be shared and discovered via URLs, making them part of the web community. It can also support SEO for better availability of search engine solutions.