What are the Limitations of Magento Commerce Cloud 

Large Radish

Fully customizable 

Magento Commerce Cloud Habitat runs elementary the same way as Magento Open Source and Magento Commerce. This means you can quickly build and deploy Magento marketplace extensions, and you can also develop custom extensions in the same way as any other Magento 2 installation.

Performance tool

The best features of Magento Commerce Cloud are its supportive performance tools. In addition, monitoring is permitted so you can start analyzing PHP execution and server speed.

GIT versioning

Deployment in Magento Commerce Cloud is done through GIT. This means that every time you update Magento 2 code, you will be pushed to the cloud environment through GIT.

PCI requirement

Many companies with strict PCI compliance guidelines can be confident that their site will meet such requirements by using Magento’s PCI compliance.


Similar to most of the other cloud hosting solution providers, Magento Commerce Cloud is also scalable to meet your demands for catalog size, concurrent networks, and a lot more.