What are the Different Processes Involved within Magento Business Intelligence?

Collection Data:

Raw data is primarily collected from several resources, such as business system databases, social media, spreadsheets, and other platforms. 

Data Warehouse:

Magento Business has the main purpose of helping you store data in the centralized warehouse portals or repositories for conducting in-depth analysis.

Data Integration and Analysis:

Every single data to which Magento Business brilliance helps you collect more information from the diverse resources that will merged and convert into specific usable formats. 

Data Mining:

In-depth analysis is implemented by Magento Business Intelligence, which helps to recognize trends, relationships, and patterns within the collection of stored data.

Dashboard and Reporting:

Magento BI produces customizable dashboards and other reporting tools. These dashboards provide a visual representation of your data.

Customer Insights and Segmentations:

The platform allows for detailed customer analysis and segmentation. This helps them understand customers’ behavior, preferences.

Revenue Attribution:

Magento BI helps in attributing revenue to specific actions or campaigns, giving them clarity on what drives sales and what doesn’t.