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What are the Core Components of Magento Business Intelligence


Unified Space for Data Storage:

Magento BI is connected directly to the store database and might also connected to the diverse other systems that you use for running your business. The concern of full-stack technology being utilized for data replication makes Magento BI produce as a cloud-based for storing all the eCommerce data under one roof. 

Space for Detailed Analysis:

It is the space under magento BI where the reports are being created for better analysis and come ahead to make powerful business decisions. This tool will be helpful for you to customize or standardize your company metrics by creating certain tables and adding certain columns. 

Space for Data Visualization:

As the reports are prepared now we will transform those data into a chart and appealing graphs. With such a system by Magento BI, it will be easier for you to manage or organize the account being created, grant multiple access, or send the analysis report via email.