Top Features of Live Streaming Apps Like Twitch:

User Management 

It efficiently manages user accounts which includes person authentication, registration approval, and account suspension. 

Content modification 

By using the services of a website development company, it implements strong tools for monitoring and modifying content material.  

Advertisement Management 

Twitch has the authority to control and manage the ad frequency, observe the overall performance of the app, and create campaigns to maximize revenue. 

Feedback System

Twitch users are of both kinds which include Android and iOS. So they have provided the facility of flagging both in case of irrelevant content developed with iOS app development services. 

Monetization Tools: 

It has different monetization methods which include subscription models, donations, and ad revenue sharing. It can set charges and record monetary transactions. 

Customization Options

t has different tools to provide developed UI/UX design where it can customize the app’s appearance. Not only this but it can also solve the issues and branding problems.