Top 7 AI Use Cases Transforming the Automotive Industry 

Supply Chain

One of the most common uses of AI in automobile sector is supply chain management and automation. The producers of automobiles have extensive supply chains spread over several places. Every supply chain disruption raises the price. 

Quality Control

Since many automobile companies now employ machine vision for quality control, it is not adaptable to modifications to the product and is able to find a small percentage of basic errors. 

Car Dealership Experience

With the predictive capabilities of AI and ML car dealership experience is getting shaped which assists in finding out the right clients at the right time. 

Demand Forecasting

According to current economic conditions and modifications to the business environment, AI solutions can forecast demand.

Collision Detection and Avoidance

In the artificial intelligence automotive industry, AI plays a pivotal role in collision detection and avoidance systems, fundamentally transforming vehicle safety. 

Equipment Predictive Maintenance

In the past, manufacturers used to check machinery and equipment daily to ensure there was no problem that would lead to failure and these maintenance costs also affected the budget.  

Autonomous Vehicle

This is a hot topic in the field of AI in automotive industry these days. Autonomous cars are self-driving cars that don’t require human input.