Top 5 AI Use Cases Transforming the Automotive Industry 

Digital Twin in Automotive Manufacture

It seems quite expensive and time-consuming to design & also test thousands of parts of automobiles. A virtual model used to verify procedures, goods, and services, the digital twin was first developed 20 years ago. 

AI-Powered Infotainment System

Artificial intelligence in car manufacturing has ushered in a new era of infotainment systems. These AI-driven interfaces have transformed the in-car experience, offering passengers and drivers a plethora of features and capabilities. 

Driver Monitoring System

Driver monitoring systems by AI in automotive industry are amazing AI models which can not only guide drivers but also monitor their tiredness and alert them. 

Automotive Insurance

In the automotive industry, AI has great potential to bring together drivers and insurance in the event of an accident.  

AI-Driven Safety Features and Technologie

AI-driven safety features extend beyond collision avoidance to encompass a wide array of proactive measures aimed at enhancing vehicle and road safety.