Top 10 App Ideas For Startups To Launch 

Healthy Diet App

Dieting is a big concern these days. Along with apps for health tracking and food, an app for suggesting healthy meal plans and working like a personal nutritionist is a great idea for those who want to lose or gain weight as well as for those who have allergies and diseases. 

Pharmacy Delivery App

A pharmacy delivery app is a mobile application that allows users to order prescription medications, over-the-counter drugs, and other healthcare products from local pharmacies and have them delivered to their doorstep. 

Public Transport App

A public transport app is an amazing idea to help locals as well as guests to provide information about areas and the transportation available for them to reach. 

Car Booking App

Car booking apps are frequently used these days for picking up and dropping you at your door. In today’s world, where there is no time to wait for the cab to stop or to wait for public transport, car booking apps have proved extremely useful for fast pickups and dropdowns. 

Women’s Security App

Going out alone, and coming back late at night is now becoming difficult for women to live alone and roam freely across the road. Due to this reason, it becomes really necessary to make an app for women’s safety and security along with a GPS tracker. 

App for Gift Suggestion

Finding a gift might be easy but figuring out what to give always seems like a difficult task. We all get stuck in this situation once in a while. 

Tax Calculation and Invoice App

An app that would help you calculate the amount of tax you are eligible to pay according to your income using a blockchain mechanism.

Mobile micro-loans App

A mobile app that will help to apply for and get small loans to its users. As we all know, applying for a loan and receiving the money at the same time is not possible in most banks. 

Restaurant Table Booking App

An app for pre-booking tables in a restaurant will help your users eliminate waiting on weekends for a table in their favorite restaurants.  

Wedding Planner App

Weddings are a festival for families all over the globe. It requires ample amounts of preparation and planning.