Clearly state the requirement

A smart place to start is by taking notes and naming and categorizing the features that are essential to your application. To make sure that you do not veer off course in terms of money and timeline, it is crucial to adhere to these notes throughout the development process.

Pick your outsourcing partner wisely

It is strongly advised to carefully weigh the costs of hiring an internal team with the costs of contracting out your project to a reputable partner. 

Avoid Hidden Cost

The required features may ask for back-end system alterations that will incur installation fees and administrative support services fees. Such a fee should not come as a surprise later. Thus, it is important to include the conditions carefully for complete transparency in terms of commitments, deliverables, and fee structure. 

Additional Service

Any and every website does not end by launching the MVP or the final product. Regular updates and maintenance of the PWA are equally important to ensure the application’s health. The cost consideration of such services should be clarified before finalizing the contract with the PWA development company.