The must-have Features of Progressive Web Apps for e-commerce 

User Interface:

Your first step towards creating a PWA for e-commerce is designing a user interface keeping in mind that this is a native app for users so you should consider the designs of native apps as references.

Push Notification:

Here again, PWA apps are similar to native apps; they also send push notifications to their customers wherever they are.

Easy and Quick Checkouts:

One of PWA’s main advantages is that it enables users to swiftly finish desired tasks.

Web Payments:

This feature enables quick and smart payments and eliminates the checkout process. You can enhance the user experience by combining all the checkout steps from shipping, and billing to payments method into a unified step.


PWAs are extremely secure and to make your app a successful PWA you will have to make security a serious priority. You need to assure your customers that all the data they are sharing with the system or server is safeguarded and secured.