What are the Success  Key Components of DevOp

Continuous Development:

The planning and coding of software is the main role of continuous development. In this process, the whole procedure of development is divided into small steps or cycles which helps the software developers to speed up development process.

Continuous Integration:

This is the executive process consisting of various steps that are related to testing. Also, continuous integration entails information given by the clients regarding the new features that need to be added to the software.

Continuous Testing:

he next DevOps Lifecycle phase is testing in which you will find and remove the errors & issues that might be there in the code.

Continuous Deployment:

The deployment phase is an extremely significant and active phase in the DevOps lifecycle, in which the completed code is deployed to servers used for production.

Continuous Monitoring:

The main goal of continuous monitoring is to optimize the productivity of the application software. It can be called the operation phase as well.

Continuous Feedback:

Feedbacks are the key to improvements. Continuous feedback was executed to get the information and improve the application software.