How Generative AI is Changing the Customer Service Game

Conversational search:

Customers can find the answers they’re looking for quickly, with natural responses that are generated from well-tuned language models based on company knowledge bases.

Agent assistance – search and summarization:

Customer support agents can use generative AI to help improve productivity, helping them to answer customer questions with automatically generated responses in the users’ channel of choice based on the conversation.

Build assistance

Employees who have created chatbots and other customer service tools can use generative AI for content creation and build assistance to support service requests and also get generated responses and suggestions based on current company and customer data.

Call center operational and data optimization:

Generative AI can perform the same task multiple times that is needed to gather the information to create the feedback loop within a call center.

Personalized recommendations:

Generative AI considers the history of a customer’s interaction with the brand across platforms and support services to provide them with information that is specific to them and delivered in their preferred tone and format.