Explain the Best Backtesting Software for Traders Tested in 2024 



TradingView is a cloud-based social platform for traders as well as an autonomous charting and analysis tool. It provides enormous features that are designed for both novice and experienced trading.

Zerodha Streak

Zerodha Streak is an innovative platform that was designed and developed to empower trading investors and traders with advanced algorithmic trading compatibilities without asserting required coding skills.


Amibroker is arrows down backtesting software for any trading tactics. If you are an experienced algo trader, then Amibroker is a perfect tool for you as it can backtest virtually any system and develop intricate reports.


Tradetron is a sophisticated algorithmic trading platform that is designed for both individual trading and creating strategy. It represents its ability to automate and exhibit trading strategies across different platforms and instruments including stocks, futures, options, and currencies.