Digital Transformation Trends in Healthcare

Health Wearable

Before digital transformation happened people didn’t have any other choice from going to clinics for health checkups or meeting the doctor when they have health issues.

Patient Portal

The patient portals are online platforms that allow patients to access their health records, schedule appointments, chat with doctors, and many other services that are provided specially for patients.

Data Aggregation

Patient portals are a perfect solution for collecting patients’ data. Nowadays, healthcare institutions & organizations also need to collect patient data.

TeleHealth & Virtual Doctor Visit

The COVID-19 Pandemic has though many things and also created ways virtually for any medical help, the world has adopted virtual doctor visits and it has become one of the most growing trends in healthcare.

On-Demand Healthcare

People have become more mobile over few years, which has pushed many industries to enter the on-demand economy.

Disease History Analysis

Demand for Healthcare solutions has increased and with them, more digital healthcare tools are being launched to help doctors analyze a patient’s disease history to provide the best possible treatment.

AI Screening

The most growing trend of digital transformation in healthcare is AI screening by using artificial intelligence technology.