Core Features of PWA

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Fast Loading 

PWAs are designed for quick loading. They ensure a fast user experience by loading quickly. Speed is essential since sluggish websites might result in high bounce rates. 

Responsive Design 

PWAs have responsive designs, which allow them to adjust fluidly to various screen sizes. This makes sure that consumers, whether they’re using a desktop, tablet, or smartphone, have a consistent and user-friendly experience. 

Add to Home Screen 

PWAs give consumers the choice to add the web app to their device’s home screen. This function promotes user engagement by increasing exposure and returning people to the PWA with e-commerce application development company India. 

Push Notifications 

A key component of PWAs is push notifications, which are a distinguishing feature of native apps. Even when the browser is closed, businesses can give consumers timely information and reminders, which boosts user engagement and retention.