Challenges of Digital Transformation In Healthcare 

Challenge 1 – Data Security

When it comes to digital transformation, cybersecurity is a basic and main concern for all healthcare institutes because cyberattacks usually target details like private information, sensitive details, and highly valuable personal health data which can lead to disturbance of patient care.

Challenge 2 – The Cost Factor

Many healthcare institutions, organizations, and companies are putting digital transformation plans on the back burner as the cost factor. Unfortunately, these healthcare entities mainly focus on the ROI while neglecting the value of digital transformation that it can deliver.

Challenge 3 – Resistance to Change

A large number of healthcare professionals have agreed in a survey that because of working on tight schedules, they usually don’t have enough time to participate in learning how to use new software and they regularly spend hours on hospital.

Challenge 4 – Complying with HIPAA Regulation

The challenge that arises with digital transformation in healthcare is complying with the HIPAA Regulations. The HIPAA law is made to protect a person’s personal health records and private health information at all costs. .