Benefits of E-Learning Platforms Like Udemy and Coursera 

Study at your own pace 

No matter whether the user is a housewife or a working professional, they can choose to pursue the course of their choice at their own pace.

Repeat the lectures any number of times

The user can access the course content any number of times as and when needed.


The instructor can reach millions of students worldwide and each student will have access to the same content without there being any communication gap or inconsistency in the information provided.

Reduced cost 

Users can attend lessons without having to travel or incur further costs except for the course fees.

30-day money-back guarantee 

If a user finds the course to be not to their liking, Udemy gives them the option to cancel their subscription within a 30-day window.

Course reviews and ratings 

Users can shortlist courses based on the reviews and ratings left by past users.