Advanced Features of an Insurance App 

One-Tap Policy Selection with Filters and Controls 

Simplifies policy selection for users by providing a streamlined process with numerous filters and controls for customization.

Robust CRM Solution 

Assists marketers and the insurance company in driving sales through an effective Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solution.

Easy Payment Processing

Enables seamless payment transactions through various methods, including in-app wallets, NetBanking, Credit/Debit Cards, and more.

Policy Comparison Chart  

Facilitates faster decision-making for customers by presenting a comprehensive chart for comparing different insurance policies.

GPS-Based Tracking 

Allows real-time tracking of both agents and users based on GPS, facilitating efficient communication between the parties.

Cloud Support

Enables secure data management and access across all locations and devices, leveraging the benefits of cloud technology.

Heat Map View

Utilizes a heat map to visually locate insurance agents in specific geographical locations, optimizing service coverage.

On-Screen Signature  

Enables customers to provide a digital signature of consent directly within the mobile app for authentication purposes.

Online Policy Selection and Preliminary Verification  

Streamlines the insurance buying process by allowing users to select policies online and undergo preliminary verification for validation.

Notification and Alerts 

Keeps both agents and users informed about the latest developments, ensuring timely communication and updates.