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Project Overview

Safety cam – as the name suggests, the app does the same. The app is intended for recording the travel till the destination from the pickup point. This is for the safety front of the travelers.

As there can be any incidents happening across the travel. Especially when we are expecting a long trip. The app captures the moments in a video and in an emergency send the information to the emergency contacts added by the user.

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Project Requirement

  • It is a Mobile app development company, and we have to develop a safety cam to automatically record/capture the journey moments automatically by the app. It also considers the touchpoints coming across the way, such as petrol pumps, garages, etc.
  • The project requirement was to allow users to add up to 3 emergency contacts. And whenever any unexpected things happen during the trip, the information should be sent to the emergency contacts and the people/ traveler can be saved as soon as possible.

Safety Cam – GPS Features

  • Get the nearby locations
  • Show Multiple Route and Distance between Destination and Origin
  • Turn by turn navigation with Video Recording
  • Show Current Speed & Road Speed Limit
  • Video upload on Youtube and Dropbox
  • Contact through Emergency Numbers

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Our Solution

  • The solution to the challenging project requirements was to allow the camera to capture the travel. Also, allowing users to add the contacts maximum of three emergency contacts.
  • The app is developed in such a way that whenever any unwanted evidence come across the way, the video can directly be uploaded to the social media or youtube channels. Also, the contacts are supposed to get the video content immediately.
  • Also, the app is aware of the nearby important locations/ touch points such as hospitals, restaurants, gas stations etc.

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