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Project Overview

MusikTrip – A mobile app comprises Music Quiz. Something that tricks you between the memory and how you are attached to the popular tracks of the world.

The app is intended to make fun with the challenging tactics of memory such as remembering the right track and based on that the points are added and subtracted from the scoring front.

Entertaining with the gaming and memories front is excited about the app.

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Project Requirement

  • The project requirement was intended for the quiz kind of application interface. In which, the song clues are supposed to present in short stories or something that hints at a particular song.
  • It was all about creating the application that establishes a gaming atmosphere and testing the knowledge of songs around them. Also, the app should be showing the points based on the quiz being played.

MusikTrip Features

  • Reminder
  • Know Types of Song
  • Get the Clues
  • Earn points
  • Free Guidance on App
  • Integrated with Paypal

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Our Solution

As a Mobile application development company, we have given a satisfactory solution to the client and built up an app that works simply fantastic. In addition, our developer has created compelling moods that attract users.

Also, provided the gaming/quiz thing flawless. We have made integration of APIs that made the Sherr app more creative and easy to achieve the project requirement goal.

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