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Project Overview

Nevina Infotech was approached by Kadam Colors for doing maintenance of their website. The website maintenance project also included services like bug fixing, optimizing the website for speed, and other minor issues.

Kadam Features

  • The website was optimized for speed by adjusting platform settings, switching to a faster theme, replacing slower plug-ins and extensions, and optimizing the admin panel.
  • The website code was optimized to speed up the execution time. Unnecessary script files were stripped off to shave off execution time.
  • Business logic and technical bugs were fixed to give a glitch-free experience to the customers.
  • SSL Certification was set up to enhance the security of the website. SSL sends the information on the Internet in an encrypted format to up its secrecy. The sensitive information including credit card, debit card details is now more secure and user’s privacy rights are also not violated.
  • The geo-location-based pricing was activated to automatically adjust the price of the product depending on the location of the shopper.
  • A new inventory management module was integrated into the website to keep a track of the available stock of different products. It also helps the business in placing an order of raw materials in advance to keep up with the demand for the product on the website.

key reatures


To test an already existing website operational for years and finding bugs, especially to replicate the presence of thousands of customers.

Fixing up bugs without disturbing the core functionality of the website.

Setting up automatic product pricing based on the location of the client.

Finding out speed deterrents for the website including code segments, plug-ins, extensions, settings, etc.

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Out of the box testing and debugging approach focusing on pinpointing the bugs and fixing them efficiently

Usage of top-notch website optimizing tools and technologies to enhance the website speed

Usage of skilled developers to optimize the website code and fixing up speed hurdles

Results Obtained

A nimble and resourceful website with a lightning-quick loading speed

A super secure website with information flowing to and from server and client in encrypted format only

A bug-free website to enrich the user experience

An integrated inventory management module to keep tabs on losses due to non-availability of stock

A perfect e-commerce solution catering to the needs of all the stakeholders involved

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