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Project Overview

Taxi Booking Application Development

CABme is a ride-hailing app that offers a mobile interface to connect drivers and riders. The app aids the users in hiring a cab with the minimal waiting time. CABme app facilitates hassle-free and affordable travel solutions for individuals and corporate clients as per their requirements. CABme app includes impeccable safety features to make the ride smooth and secure for women and senior citizens.

CABme – Rider Features

The Rider can estimate the fare of the ride by specifying a pick-up and drop location.

The app displays the fares of different ride options available along with the expected time of arrival, as well as the waiting time involved with each travel option.

The cab can be tracked live along with the route being followed for the ride. Moreover, one can share live tracking with his friends or relatives to ensure the safety of the rider.

The user can register through multiple options, including social media account, Google account, as well as his cell number.

The rider can access the allotted driver’s ratings and reviews to ensure a safe ride.

CABme – Driver Features

A driver can upload the necessary documents like vehicle registration details, driving license, identity proof, etc. through the mobile app itself.

The driver can accept or reject the trip requests received on the app, depending on his schedule.

The driver can also specify the hours for which he wants to work. He would receive trip requests only during his availability hours.

A driver can view the ratings and reviews provided by the riders to see his strengths and areas having the scope of improvements.

The driver can see his cumulative earnings as well as the commissions earned by him during each ride or for a specific period.

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Admin Panel

The admin dashboard highlights real-time data along with KPIs through graphs and charts for all the locations which can be drilled down to a specific location as well.

The admin has several analytics tools at his disposal through which he can make strategic decisions.

The power to create ad-hoc reports at will and unrestricted access to data facilitates the admin to negate any burning issue within no time.

The admin can launch and manage the promotional campaigns like promo codes, or loyalty schemes, etc. through the admin panel without breaking any sweat.

The admin user can manage the settings of the app to enable or disable a feature as and when required.


To provide features like popular ride-sharing apps but with a difference. The key was to do it differently.

The integration of maps within the mobile app for enabling geolocation features.

The integration of multiple payment gateways with the app to support several payment modes.

To enable push notifications with the option of enabling or disabling it as per the user’s requirement.

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Our approach as a Mobile app development company was client-centric focusing on what the client needs instead of focusing on popular apps available in the market.

We enabled the best-in-class APIs and location services to integrate geolocation technology.

We used different APIs and SDKs for integrating popular payment gateways as per the requirement of the client.

A popular notification management technology was used to include the push notification features.

Widely accepted SMS notification services were used to enable the messaging facility.

Results Obtained

A world-class mobile app with all the basic as well as advance features required in a ride-hailing app.

A multifaceted mobile app with three different variants – rider, driver, and admin panel, each separate but working in unison.

A customizable mobile app with the option of configuring it for different markets and different scenarios.

A top-notch mobile app built with ideation of client and technological expertise of ours.

Last, but not least, a mobile app that satisfies all the requirements of the client.

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