Project Overview

The app stands for showing the billionaires declared by the Forbes magazine. The app is showing the billionaires list and allows to search them by name, their total worth, filtering them by the details and can show each individuals details. The user can search the billionaires country wise.

Project Requirement

  • The project’s objective was to show the 2016’s top billionaire declared by Forbes and should be searched country wise.
  • Also, the list should be having a complete detailed profile of each individuals information.
  • The user can read about the individuals worth, their rank in the world and their down & up ranking by the time.

Key Features

  • Advanced searching options
  • Filtering different country
  • Rate the applications via mail or app store
  • Shareable application
  • Google AdMobs
  • Flurry Analytics

Our Solution

  • There was a search module provided by the app to search the billionaires with their name, age or country wise by randomly picking.
  • he app was showing billionaire for the year 2016. Hence, the solution was provided in simple and easy steps to search the billionaires with a neat UI.

Technologies We used

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