If someone asks me what is the latest thing in the app development world, I would say that it is the rush of Progressive web apps. These apps are the prominent trend in the mobile app development arena due to the number of benefits they offer. Plenty of enterprises, small, medium and large, have adopted PWA developer and this has lead to a significant boost in their overall growth of the business. The bounce rates are decreased and the engagement of the user is increased.

So, if we did convince you a little to contact a progressive web app development company let us now understand what are these progressive web app and why are they better than the other native and hybrid apps.

Progressive Web Apps

The progressive web apps are essentially web pages or a simple website page that look and function like mobile applications. PWAs are loaded with amazing features such as push notifications, background syncs and other offline experiences to keep the customer engaged with the business. The most important benefit of a progressive web app is that it does not have to be downloaded from any app store. These PWA apps do not consume much data and can work in low network areas as well.

PWAs are the best for small businesses

There is no doubt that mobile applications are an integral part of any business but they are not the ultimate choice. The mobile apps are efficient for businesses with a huge customer base like e-commerce, hotel, hospitality and so on. The mobile apps are expensive and they are not for small businesses.

On the other hand, progressive web app development work well with small businesses. The PWA’s allow the small business to scale up the business without incurring the additional cost of app development.

Characteristics of PWA’s

Whether small or a big enterprise, progressive web apps are going to bring more success and growth for the business. The following are the most notable characteristics of PWA app development.

1. Progressive

progressive web apps

These apps are progressive in the sense that they work on for any kind of user despite the selection of the browser.

2. Responsive

Responsive web apps

These apps are developed to fit any screen whether it is desktop, laptop, tablet or a smartphone. Hence, no matter where the user is accessing the website, the progressive web app developer will be right there to offer its services.

3. Share Content

Share Content

The PWAs enable the web content to be shared across any share enabled app in the device. There is a possibility to share any content easily on social media as well.

4. Secure


HTTPs is the server that ensures maximum security and luckily, PWAs work on these servers only.

5. Easy to discover

easily found

These apps are easily found on search engines. It is possible to do a good SEO fro these apps which is not the case with other native and hybrid app.

6. Add to home screen

Add to home screen6

These apps can be easily added to your home screen. As soon as you open the website of your favorite brand, you will be received with a  notification demanding a shortcut being added to the home screen. A single click and the progressive web app is available for you all the time.

7. Instant Loading

Progressive web apps do not require any additional loading time.

Progressive web apps do not require any additional loading time.

Having said this, we can say that progressive web app development services are definitely better than native apps. Progressive web apps showcase the latest innovation and it caters to the time-saving factor. Going to the app store and downloading an app is tedious and a long process, this process is cut short with the help of progressive apps.

Now, did that excite you? Then, do not wait and contact your nearest progressive web app development company today.

Rahim Ladhani

Rahim Ladhani

CEO and Managing Director