Ecommerce applications and websites have already changed the way of shopping. We can say that eCommerce web development services applications have enhanced the way people shop just by sitting at home and scrolling through their smartphones. By using this application, users don’t need to make an effort to move out of the house and can quickly get the things they need at the doorstep.

Moving forward to this eCommerce app development trend, it can get more enhanced and influenced if we use voice search technology. So now the question arises: what is voice search technology? So here in the paragraphs below, I will explain what it is.

What is voice search technology?

What is voice search technology

Over the passing years, our techniques and technologies of searches have changed over the years. However, we have a habit of getting quick and relevant answers for whatever we search for.

Voice search optimization is mainly a digital action for using speech to search and ask questions or give commands to the internet through digital devices such as smartphones, tablets, or devices. The user will say what they want to search for the device, and the device will work accordingly whether it is answering a question or fulfilling the demand of users.

Voice searching is further evolving as a preferred mode of communication since it reduces the time of searching and exertion as users won’t have to look for keys and then don’t need to type. The feature is rapidly used for carrying out a variety of activities over the internet.

Many voice assistants in the market provide facilities for voice search apps such as Google Assistant, Alexa, Siri, Cortana, and many more.

When you are for voice search optimization, you are optimizing your landing pages that will appear through voice when a user initiates a voice search. Once it is optimized, it simply means that your pages can be read aloud by the voice assistant device used by the user.

How does it work?

Language is a huge barrier that stops one person from communicating with another person. We have thousands of words that can be developed from many letters and express an identified number of words.

Scientists have dreamed of developing speech recognition technology in machines that can talk just like humans in past years. For example, voice search app technology was developed years ago, but it currently exists in most PCs and mobile devices.

Here is the usage of how it works

  • The voice assistant users command the voice search device with the key sayings such as “Ok
  • Google” or “Hey Siri,” followed by the questions users want to ask.
  • Digital voice assistants process and translate human speech into text.
  • It will then analyze the text and detect questions or commands.
  • It later connects to an external source such as search engines to find the relevant information.
  • Then translates the data into a digestible format and fulfills the user’s demands.

Importance of voice search in eCommerce

voice search in eCommerce

As there is a drastic change in voice search apps, it can be a game-changer for the market. By the upcoming one or two years, every internet search will be based on voice search. By looking at voice search for eCommerce app development, It can be losing an opportunity if eCommerce sites don’t use it. Unfortunately, many online market owners have not given attention to this trending technology.

Voice search technology must be most important in that it acts as the heart of your customer experience strategy. Here are the reasons that will tell you why voice search will be the future of eCommerce web development services.

Offers personalized shopping experience

Voice search will boost the personalized shopping experience by providing recommendations that are based on individual choice. For instance, if a customer is using AmazonFresh to purchase for their daily needs and is ordering them through a voice assistant Alexa, the voice assistant will suggest the items that most of the customers prefer and purchase that match the choice of the user. In addition, the assistant also suggests if a user wants to repeat any order that was purchased before from that store.

This personalized shopping experience secures your Magento store information into itself to provide you suggestions and recommend products similar to the one you purchased or searched.

Easy to review

Collecting reviews has become easy for businesses of Magento development company with voice search, but sharing feedback is a simple thing for customers. Customers can quickly and conveniently review, making it more genuine and meaningful; this will indirectly help the product and its customers. As it is different from time-consuming keyboard typing feedback, the voice assistant asks specific questions and ratings without the headache of logging into it.


Voice search is high-speed and effective in that it speeds up the eCommerce store when it comes to writing any query for any store. For example, if a person is typing a query, they will write at the speed of 30 to 35 words per minute, whereas a voice assistant will allow you to process up to 100 words per minute.

However, a voice assistant will allow you to communicate fast and also obtain results more promptly, which works as an exciting feature for most users. Furthermore, with the help of a voice assistant, you can also shop simultaneously even if you are engaged with some other work.

Why is voice search different from traditional search?

voice search different from traditional search

There is a vast difference between speaking to find your question or query and typing the query on your device. Voice search uses machine learning technology to facilitate the users. Here is the crucial difference between these two.

Keywords are longer and more conventional

Whenever we talk with an intelligent device and form queries, we ask the whole question rather than using a few targeted keywords.

For example, if we are searching for how to prepare coffee, we would write coffee recipes or methods of preparing coffee, but if we speak, we will say how can I prepare coffee.

The length of keywords for the two searches is different from one another, with the verbal search being longer and more interactive than the traditional search.

Voice queries are common in local listing searches.

The most used voice search words are near me, followed by questions and questions about things and time, for instance, which is the nearest cafe or what are hours for home depot; the result for this will be shown in the local listing.

Most people use these mobile devices to search for locations and public locations such as restaurants, clubs, cafes, theaters, and much more. Not unusual, these searches are for the local businesses and information which is related to it.

The output is crisp and concise.

The output given by the system is usually the featured fragment that we can see when we are typing searches. You will also get suggestions of the similar things that people would have asked Google.

Voice search means someone using their voice to search for the information to get a quick answer, and this is how voice search features will work.

What are new trends in voice commerce?

new trends in voice commerce

Here are the new trends in voice user-friendly eCommerce web development:

Expansion in reaching the target audience

Every organization keeps coming up with new ways, campaigns, and much more to reach the maximum target audience and increase their customer base. One of the most proven ways to gain this is by exploring new ways. With voice search features becoming the most popular promptly. Therefore, it is highly recommended to build an eCommerce store with a voice-enabled search.

People use these voice assistant devices to search for products online without even operating their devices. Individuals have already accepted these voice assistant devices as part of their life. It is comfortable for people of every age group to search for anything just by speaking. People are very happy by using voice search technology through their smartphones.

AI-enabled improved voice search results

The primary role of Artificial Intelligence in boosting and enhancing technology in every field is significant. AI has also contributed equally in enhancing the voice search results for the eCommerce app development industries. Vice assistant technology is a somewhat complicated technology when it comes to making sense of the user’s query. Not just AI but augmented reality development can also be used in voice search technology.

In the past, engineers used Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Deep Neural Networks (DNN) to boost voice search understanding capabilities.

Increased competition in the voice commerce space

Voice-enabled searches are becoming more popular, but the voice assistant product searches will provide users with a limited number of options compared to traditional search methods. Moreover, due to these defined search results, there is tough competition between the brands to show their products in top search results.

Tips to optimize voice search for eCommerce store

optimise voice search for eCommerce store

  • Realign your business with SEO strategy
  • Prioritize right keywords
  • Optimize for fast page loading speed
  • Responsive eCommerce website

Realign your business with SEO strategy

Have you ever thought of why we have to realign with SEO, as we are not writing a blog?

Even though we are not writing blogs, we have to rank at the top of the chart to attract customers to our business.

To fulfill the optimizing strategy is among the best you can serve your website with. Voice SEO takes high ranking and makes your business more searchable.

The user checks the business listing rather than the business website, which is only possible with more answered voice search results.

Prioritize right keywords

Answer-focused search results are essential to provide recognition among the users. Therefore, when optimizing for voice search, proper keyword development and utilization are necessary.

Most of the question keywords of the voice search are in the form of questions instead of phrases. So while a person is speaking, they would say, Ok, Google, where is the pharmacy near me? And if they are typing the same, they will mostly write pharmacy near me; this makes a difference.

Optimize for faster page speed

Fast loading speed improves user experience and increases user engagement in your website, lending to your purchasing.

When a user is using voice search, Google will need to provide a relevant answer immediately. If your page loading speed is low, google won’t accept it.

Tips to increase site speed:

  • Remove broken links
  • Choose a fast web host
  • Reduce the size of your image
  • Reducing indirect
  • Use caching

Responsive eCommerce website

Mobile phones have existed for more than a decade now, and since then, they have just kept evolving. So, unfortunately, we can see mobile phones will lose their existence in our lives shortly.

Almost all voice queries are searched with the help of mobile devices as per the research.

Due to the enormous shift in content consumption, there is not an extensive logic behind it to understand.

How does Nevina Infotech integrate Alexa voice search into an application?

Voice search is gaining popularity gradually in this technology. Our developers have worked on voice assistant technology, and we are ready to serve this technology to clients.

Here are the tips on how you can integrate Alexa into your application:

  • Make your first device profile to get started with AVS
  • Create a quick Alexa-enabled prototype on a Raspberry PI using our AVS device SDK
  • Add sounds to your Alexa-enabled prototype to communicate device’s state
  • Edit your Alexa-implemented prototype’s focus manager to personalize the Alexa experience
  • Enable LEDs to indicate device state on your Alexa implemented prototype visually

We know many applications already use that voice assistant technology. Many app development companies are looking forward to developing an app with an inbuilt voice assistant.

You can refer to this blog to get information on what a voice assistant is, how it works, its importance, and much more that can help you develop an application with voice Assistant-enabled technology. Even many Magento extensions can help you develop an eCommerce store that is integrated with voice search technology.


How long does it take to build an app?

The time duration of developing an app depends on the feature you add to the app, and the complexity of the app. An essential app with simple features can take 2-4 weeks for development, but it will also depend on the complexity and criteria of the application. It will also depend on external factors such as APIs, existing backends, third-party integrations, and much more.

How do I submit my voice application?

Alexa by Amazon and Google Home platforms have individual stores that house voice apps. At Nevina Infotech, we work with our clients to set up and work through the submission process. Each platform will need a verification process before it is released to the public for use.

Rahim Ladhani

Rahim Ladhani

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