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Why do you need to develop an eCommerce website?

The digital revolution has happened, and it is here to stay. Businesses across the globe have embraced the transition from the physical to the digital world. Regardless of the sector or industry, companies are now taking their products and services online.

This boom in eCommerce has created an urgency in firms to build eCommerce websites in order to showcase their products and services to the online audience. The most important challenge while building your own eCommerce website is that you will be spoilt for choice in terms of the software and platforms you need. You will realize that each program offers you something different, thus, leaving your mind boggled before making a decision.

A few crucial factors while constructing an effective eCommerce website are design, simplicity, and ease, which ultimately attract new customers and convince them to purchase your product. The popularity, reliability, and flexibility of the software will also determine how safe and functional your eCommerce website will be.

In the pie chart below, it is evident Magento ranks at the top among the best eCommerce platforms.

Magento strikes the perfect balance between reliability, scalability, and features. The highly customizable nature of the platform allows the creativity of developers to flow, therefore, producing unique websites for your business. Nevertheless, to make the optimum use of Magento, you need to hire best Magento developer.

Nevina Infotech recognizes the importance of eCommerce along with the abundant benefits that Magento brings to the table. Let us now see why Magento is numero uno for creating a powerful eCommerce website for your business.

Reason #1 High Reliability

High Reliability - Nevina Infotech

The first step in selecting the right platform is noting the creators and owners of the product. Usually, the more famous the makers, the more credible your program is. Magento scores high marks in this aspect as it is powered by eBay Inc.

Since Magento is owned by a world-leading eCommerce business, you know the standard and quality of programming will be of the highest level. The years of practical experience and testing put into the software have fine-tuned it into one of the best. In fact, rest assured that some of the ‘success formulas’ of eBay can be found in your own Magento software.

Reason #2 Completely Customizable

Completely Customizable | Nevina Infotech

When you purchase software, it is given to you as a finished product with its own set of uses and specifications. However, Magento provides you with flexibility and not rigidity. It works like a platform, rather than a foundation on which you can build an eCommerce website according to your needs. With Magento, you can modify and tweak your website in various ways to suit your business. This flexibility is also a boon when handling multiple functions like customer data, billing, shipping, sales, etc. Firms must ensure developers can extract the maximum benefit from Magento before they hire Magento certified developer.

Reason #3 Ever Growing Popularity

Ever Growing Popularity - Nevina Infotech

The popularity of a program is directly proportional to its value. This becomes especially true when some renowned brands use the same software. Magento boasts of a steady, yet rising fan base owing to its design and scalability. The unrelenting Magento community keeps you in touch with the latest developments, updates, features, and projects, through staunch supporters of the platform.

Reason #4 Super Secure

Super Secure - Nevina Infotech

Most companies are hesitant to take their business online due to security risks. Albeit, eCommerce is gaining immense traction, certain cybersecurity issues pose challenges. Magento, a dedicated eCommerce platform deems security a top priority. The platform is completely encrypted, ensuring the absolute safety of customers and business data. Payment methods are authorized, and data migration is carefully monitored to prevent loss of data. This is why firms hire Magento developers in India to create professional eCommerce websites.

Make the Switch to Magento!

Make the Switch to Magento - Nevina Infotech

It becomes quite evident from the aforementioned points, why Magento wins the battle for being the most preferred eCommerce development platform.

The flexible nature of Magento provides a learning curve for developers yet enables them to play with ideas. Once you hire magento developer online with mastery over the software, the sky is the limit for you. Despite that, when you face issues, you can always rely on the guidance of fellow programmers in the Magento community.

This is probably why three in every five eCommerce websites are powered by Magento. The popular platform has built successful websites for famous brands like Samsung and Nike. Wouldn’t you want the same for your business too? Magento can make your dream come true!

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