iBeacon App Development Solution

Have you heard about Apple’s iBeacon App? Well, if not, this is the time to know a lot of things about it. Apple’s iBeacon App utilizes low-energy Bluetooth devices like smartphones and tablets to exchange information. So far, it has turned out to be a great app that is helping in personalizing and automating several functions via operating systems and other compatible apps. Most of the companies using this app are found to trigger location-based actions such as sending consumer offers, tracking their location, and so on.

If you are thinking to expand your business further, it is the right time that you get in touch with an iBeacon app development company who can help you utilize this excellent technology for your business. To leverage the technology in a better way, three new iBeacon apps have been launched for improving business operations:

1. iBeacon App for the exhibition industry

The development of the iBeacon app has proved to be a boon for the exhibition industry. The exhibition centers can offer this app as a complimentary service to their visitors. When you compare the cost of the iBeacon app development solution, it seems negligible against the cost of future competition. This application will enable the users to get know-how about the event without the need for any personal guide. Moreover, this virtual assistance will incite curiosity among the visitors for sure.

Further, the application will save your cost of hiring manpower and the visitors can enjoy the event at their own comfort. The application is useful to mark the stalls and the place of interest. It will help you send suggestions to your visitors based on their references.

2. iBeacon App for the Enterprise activities

For enterprises and business houses, the iBeacon App can track the exact data about the employees. The application can be further used to assign tasks, measure work efficiency and quality, and most importantly keep attendance records. All such data can be stored in the cloud storage and the same will be available to the team leaders from any web device.

The app will also help the company to send greetings, wishes and special notifications, and important circulars to the employees and teams. The technology will improve the decision-making process and set work priorities.

3. iBeacon App for the E-commerce Stores

The iBeacon app development services have marked their presence and importance in the E-commerce stores as well. The iBeacon app is useful in B2B and B2C transactions. The iBeacon app is designed for e-commerce stores but as a matter of fact, the app is helpful for the brick and mortar stores too. Apart from sending notifications, and offers of their preferences, the app can be used to direct the customers to the aisles where their favorite products are placed. This way, the app has enhanced the level of convenience for the customers.

Overall, the development of the iBeacon App is no less than a blessing for businesses today. The above-mentioned applications of the app are delivering excellent results in the industry and the importance of the app will never cease.

Rahim Ladhani

Rahim Ladhani

CEO and Managing Director