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Having your website for your business is very important as well. A website helps to give a new look and feel to your business. With the help of a website, customers get to know about your brand and build trust in your business by going through your website.

If you already have a website and don’t see any progress in your business, you should upgrade your website or design a new website as it has become old. The primary reason behind the lack of progress in your business can be your website’s old design and features.

As technology is changing, many new features are added to the website design, so one should stay updated with the trends to redesign the website or give your website a new look.

Before developing a website, one question arises in everyone’s mind: what type of method should I prefer, whether it is a custom website or a website template?

This blog will mention the pros and cons of both a custom website and a website template.

What is a Template Website?

template website development

The most straightforward way to start building a website is to set up a WordPress account and apply a template that you can buy or get for free from any site that builds templates. These websites can provide multiple types of templates that you can acquire or use for free. However, you should use the templates wisely as not all websites are responsive.

There are also various services that serve themes and enable you to edit within the website frame. This helps to build your website speedily and efficiently. However, there can also be restrictions on the available options for more advanced features such as form or eCommerce solutions.

It is imperative to keep in mind that templates and themes come with many built-in features so that the customers can have more customization, but it can bring down the website in terms of loading speed and SEO performance.

Should I Go with a Template Website?

A template website is suitable for many users such as bloggers, entrepreneurs, small businesses, startups, or a small website development company with a fixed budget and less time.

Given below are the reasons to choose a template for a website.

Less time consumption:-

Designing a website, coding for it, attaching the content together, and building a whole new website can take several months. A template can save you time and effort in coding and designing. If you use a template, you need to add the content you want to add and edit the whole template, and your website is ready to be published as a new one or redesigned one.

Limited budget:-

Some template-building websites have a very high cost of templates if you want to buy them. One can also select a free template, but the only drawback in using the free template is that it has minimal essential features for using advanced features you need to purchase that template. The pre-developed template can be in your budget.

The website will be simple and basic:-

Suppose you are looking forward to developing a website that is basic and simple to use with less content and also user-friendly. In that case, the template will provide you with the things you need, so using a template for developing a website can be the best choice. But if you want to develop a website with complex designs and content, this is not the right choice.

Don’t know how to code:-

If no one in your team or friends don’t have any idea about HTML and CSS, then it is not a big issue. You also don’t need to hire a developer from a web application development company to develop simple web pages because it can be already available if you use the templates to develop your website. If you use a template, then all the coding is already done, so you don’t have to read, write, edit, or run the code. Your best option is you don’t have to touch the CSS code. Sometimes we have experienced some unnecessary code when no coders try to fix something.

Why Should I not use a Template Website?

Why should I not use a template website

If you use a templated website, then there is a chance that your website can be similar to someone else’s website, or the design can be the same because the templates can be used by anyone. So if you want to develop a unique website, this is not the right choice for you.

It is possible to perform customizations in your template, but it has limitations, so you need to edit it in those parameters only. It is also frustrating when your website doesn’t work as you want it to run for your business. Many people also keep changing the templates when they find that their website is not working as they want.

First, it is my opinion to decide what you want to show on your website and how you want your website to run without selecting any template or switching to another one.

web application development services are also essential, even if you use a template to develop your website.

Points to Consider Before Choosing a Template

Your website should be mobile-responsive

Even in this smartphone-addicted era, some templates are not mobile-responsive. I don’t know why. The templates that are expensive and good in design are considered mobile responsive, but you must check the template before selecting it.


If you want to develop an eCommerce website, then the functionality is limited in the ready-made templates. Adding eCommerce and other customized applications is almost impossible in template sites. If you want a fully functional eCommerce website, then you must not use templates.

Design options → Content width

Most of the template design themes will provide you with two types of content width that are:

  • Full-width – it is used when the background image stretches the entire length of your computer or mobile device.
  • Boxed-width – is used when your content has a visible frame on the left and right sides of the screen.

→Header options

  • Does your template have multiple options to choose from?
  • Can you have a slider, one graphic, or a video in your template?

What is a Custom Website?

custom website development

Custom website development requires a massive team to develop a website for your business. It starts with the primary step to consider who is your target audience, whom you want to reach, how you want to develop or design your website, and how you want to show your website over the internet.

SEO can be said to be a primary hand behind the success of any website. You should follow some rules to develop a website, and not all templates are capable of passing all these rules. This is the primary reason behind the development of a superior quality custom website; the developer can enhance the site during the development to allow Google and other similar search engines to go through each web page and give relevant search results.

This is the primary reason custom-built websites have a higher ranking than other websites.

Custom websites take longer time and more effort than templates because, in custom websites, each and everything is coded and developed by the developers as per the requirement of the business. It can be easy to customize it or update it for a long time because it is developed from the start, so the developer knows where to change and update it.

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What are the Advantages of A Custom Website?

Tailored Functionality:

Tailored functionality is one of the significant advantages of opting for a custom website. It allows you to design and implement specific features that align precisely with your business needs. Unlike templates, which come with pre-defined functionalities, custom websites can be equipped with bespoke tools, databases, and integrations. This tailoring ensures that your website caters directly to your unique processes, enhancing efficiency and user experience.

For example, Custom websites as per their name are used to build websites as per the requirements and if you are running an e-commerce store, you may need to include specific features that can provide a smooth experience to the users. Features of it include a custom shopping cart, product search, and user profiles.

Scalability and flexibility

Scalability and flexibility are key benefits of custom websites. As your business grows, your website can evolve with it. Custom solutions can adapt to changing needs and emerging technologies. You have the flexibility to integrate new features, expand your product offerings, or accommodate a growing user base seamlessly. With templates, scalability can be limited, and you may encounter constraints when trying to incorporate advanced functionalities or redesign elements to meet evolving demands. Custom websites offer the agility to stay ahead in a dynamic digital landscape, making them a preferred choice for businesses with long-term growth ambitions.

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What are the Disadvantages of Custom Website?


Developing a custom website often involves a higher cost and demands a significant time investment. When a website is created, every aspect is kept in mind as it has to be created from scratch to meet the specific requirements. Skilled designers, developers, and project management are essential, contributing to increased expenses and a longer development timeline.

Maintenance and updates:

Maintenance and updates for custom websites can be more complex and costly compared to template-based alternatives. As technology evolves, ensuring that your custom website remains compatible with the latest browsers and devices requires ongoing effort. Regular updates to features, security protocols, and content demand both time and resources, which can be a substantial burden for businesses without dedicated IT teams.

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Technical Expertise:

Technical expertise is a prerequisite for managing a custom website effectively. It’s not only about the initial development but also about ongoing maintenance. When it comes to developing a custom website the challenges are also associated with it and to solve them, you need expert developers. Without them, it is hard to find and solve these issues, update them, or can’t be able to grow your website functionality effectively. Relying on external support can add to the long-term costs and potential delays in addressing critical website-related issues.

Should I Go with a Custom Website?

Yes, you should definitely go with custom web creation because it is the best way to develop the website and it will help you to create the website as you want and the way you want. You can also add features you like to add which is not possible in the templated website.

You can say that in custom website development you are the boss and the website will work and will be designed according to you. It is the best and most used method to develop any website because you know what to add and what not to add you can even update the website whenever you want as per your choice. You can choose Nevina Infotech for developing your custom website development as we are the best web application development company.

The time taken to build your website is right?

Some firms like to take more time to develop their websites, like six to twelve months. It is not worth it to spend a whole year developing a website. 3-6 months is more than enough to develop any website. Starting from a base will give you perfection in your website.

Do you want to spend more than your budget?

It is a fact that a custom website can cost you more than templates. The custom website development services will also cost more as maintaining the website is not cheaper. But you will indeed get what you have paid for. If you have a reasonable budget and are willing to spend it on your website, you should have approximately $10,000 to $55,000 to build any custom website. But if you have various advanced features and complex designs, then the cost can be more than expected.

Do you want your website to be unique?

If you purchase a template from any template-building site, then there is a chance that your website is the same as someone else’s template. But if you build a customized website as per your requirements and needs, there is no chance of having the same website.

Do you need complex and unique features on your website?

Templates cannot handle complex and unique features like eCommerce capabilities, interactive content, gaming, or anything that needs more complex coding, content, and images.

How Much Does eCommerce Website Development Cost?

What is the Cost of Creating a Template Website or Custom Website?

cost of creating a template website or custom website

The significant websites we develop, design, and launch have a cost ranging from $5,000 to $55,000.

Many people think that the cost of developing a website depends upon the total number of pages you have on your website. It is so, but it depends upon the content you add to the website. A vast amount of content is needed to fill the pages.

However, the website design cost can also vary on how unique the template is. The cost of the template depends upon the website from which you are purchasing the template.

The Factors to Consider While Choosing Between Both:

The Purpose and Goals:

The purpose and goals of the website are pivotal factors. Consider whether the website is primarily informational, e-commerce-driven, or a portfolio showcase. Define your goals, whether it’s lead generation, online sales, or brand awareness. Custom websites offer precise alignment with unique objectives, while templates may be more suitable for straightforward informational sites.

Budget constraints

Budget constraints play a significant role. Custom websites often require a more substantial financial investment due to their bespoke nature, while templates are generally more cost-effective. Website development is an important aspect of the business, but it should be done by keeping in mind the budget. In a budget, every resource should be allocated without compromising the other things.

The Timeframe

The timeframe for website development is crucial. Custom websites typically take longer to build as they involve design and development from scratch. Templates offer quicker deployment. Consider your urgency and whether a shorter time-to-market or a more comprehensive, custom solution aligns with your business needs.

Design and Branding Preferences

Design and branding preferences are essential for establishing a unique online identity. Custom websites allow full creative freedom, enabling you to align the website’s look and feel precisely with your brand’s aesthetics. Templates may have limitations in achieving a distinctive brand representation.

Technical Skills and Resources:

Evaluate the technical skills and resources available in your team. Custom websites demand expertise in design, development, and ongoing maintenance. If you lack these skills internally, you may need to outsource, while templates may be more manageable with basic technical knowledge.

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Future Scalability and Growth.

Think about future scalability and growth. Custom websites offer greater flexibility for expansion and adaptation to changing business needs. Templates might have limitations in accommodating future features or scaling with your growing audience. Consider your long-term goals and how each option supports them.

Weighing the Pros and Cons:

Weighing the pros and cons is a critical step in deciding between a custom website and a template. By keeping in mind the company’s goals, needs benefits and limitations should be accessed. Consider factors like budget, timeline, design preferences, and technical expertise.

Identifying the best fit for your needs:

Identifying the best fit for your needs involves a deep understanding of your unique circumstances. Reflect on your business goals, budget, and long-term vision. Determine whether the custom website’s tailored approach or the template’s cost-effectiveness better serves your objectives. Prioritizing your specific needs ensures that your chosen solution aligns seamlessly with your goals.

Case studies or real-world examples:

While making an important decision it is mandatory to consider the examples which are real-world examples, help in understanding more clearly as well, and provide valuable suggestions. Explore successful implementations of both custom websites and templates within your industry or similar businesses. Analyze how these choices impacted their online presence, user experience, and overall success. Real-world examples can illuminate the practical outcomes of your decision.

Seeking Expert Advice If Necessary:

Seeking expert advice, when necessary, can be invaluable. When it is hard to choose among the several options, Professionals can help you with the web development design and plan. As per the situations, they will help you ease the complexities with their knowledge and make a decision that is well-informed as well and lines up with your goals and resources.

Custom Website vs. Template:

Choosing a custom website or a template-based one is a pivotal decision in web development. It represents a fundamental choice that can significantly impact the outcome of your online presence. On the one hand, opting for a custom website provides you with the opportunity to craft a unique digital identity, tailored to your brand, and aligned with your specific requirements. This approach offers the freedom to design and develop your website from scratch, ensuring that every element reflects your vision and objectives.

Conversely, website templates are a tempting solution due to their cost-effectiveness and time-saving advantages. They offer pre-designed layouts and functionalities, which can be especially beneficial for those with limited design or coding expertise.

However, they may limit your creative freedom and result in a website that needs the distinctive edge necessary to stand out in a competitive online landscape. Thus, the custom website vs. template dilemma is a multifaceted choice, dependent on various factors, including your goals, budget, timeline, and creative aspirations. Balancing these factors is essential to make an informed decision that aligns with your web development goals.

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In this blog, I wrote about the importance of a website and mentioned and provided all the custom websites and templates websites. Now it’s upon you which website development method you choose. But my opinion is that you should select the custom web application development as there are many benefits in developing a custom app because you can develop your app as per your requirements without any limitations or restrictions or you can also hire a custom website development company for your custom web app development. If you use a templated website method, there are many limitations under it.

Nevina Infotech is also a web application development company that will help you develop your website with the help of our dedicated team of developers.

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