Out of the top 1 million websites on the Web, Magento hosts 10k. If that is not proof enough of the sheer popularity and use of the platform, then what is?

In the current digital age, the most significant source of business is derived from the online sphere. Every business is online, which is why mega e-commerce corporations are ruling the world. According to a report by BuiltWith, as of 2019, there are 86,000 active websites in the United States alone that are built using the Magento platform.

Ecommerce is a dynamic and evolving phenomenon. And with the growing trend of eCommerce, mobile penetration is increasing to a huge extent. Around 60% of all mobile users place their orders via the mobile phone. Therefore, the power of Magento is undeniable by eCommerce store owners. Some of the major brands of the world such as Samsung, Nike, Lenovo, and Nestle, have one thing in common — they use Magento CMS.

These are just some of the facts and figures that justify why Magento is the best choice for eCommerce. Nevina Infotech has prepared this article on some of its unique qualities. Let’s read on to know more about the Magento platform and its features.

1. Completely Open Source

Completely Open Source by Nevina Infotech

Magento is a PHP-based eCommerce platform under the Open License. This means the original code used by developers is available for all, completely free! All you have to do is make a few tweaks according to your requirements. The Magento Community Edition(CE) is also completely free. Any magento development company can easily install any version of CE and use it to improve the quality and performance of their services.

2. Magento Community

Magento Community - Nevina Infotech

The vast global Magento community of developers is a testimony to its importance. The community of developers, bloggers, project managers, programmers, and even CEOs, tirelessly work every day to improve and create value for each other. The community remains up-to-date, innovative and ensure the platform is reliable and error-free. If any developer has doubts, you can count on the loyal community to provide solutions to your problem.

3. SEO Support

SEO Support - Nevina Infotech

The power of SEO to make or break a business is known to all. Every business, eCommerce store owner knows how important SEO is in earning high rankings, ratings, and visibility for their business. When companies have their SEO game on point, they can reach a wider audience, that brings prospective leads, which in turn, might become conversions. Magento is an SEO powerhouse; it optimizes your store for content, website traffic, sitemap, to help your buyers find you easily online.

4. Flexibility and Scalability

Flexibility and Scalability by Nevina Infotech

A good magento development company in india would want to create unique websites to differentiate from competitors. As a developer, it is essential to have complete control over all aspects of your project. Magento gives developers exactly what they want. The beauty of Magento lies in its flexibility so that programmers can have fun with their creativity. Along with flexibility, Magento is fit for small, medium and, large enterprises. If your business grows, then Magento grows with you by providing you stability and performance at all phases.

5. Multi-Tasking and Multi-Store Management

Multitasking and Multi-store Management by Nevina Infotech

Multitasking can save lots of time, and Magento allows just that. Most magento development services can incorporate diverse functions in eCommerce stores because Magento enables you to do multiple tasks without compromising on the website’s performance. Businesses can manage customer data, products, orders and payments from a single dashboard.

Another side of Magento’s multitasking is multi-vendor management. While most platforms allow a single store per account, with magento you can create multiple stores and handle them from one admin panel. This ease of managing different stores from one place simplifies operations and store control.

Final Thoughts

Final Thoughts by Nevina Infotech

If you ask again ‘Is Magento beneficial for Ecommerce?’, it is evident that your doubts will be laid to rest. Magento checks all the boxes when it comes to creating a high-performing, flexible, and unique eCommerce website. It provides the best features, integration capabilities, and functionalities that magento development services in the USA would ever need. And don’t forget, it’s free!

Rahim Ladhani

Rahim Ladhani

CEO and Managing Director