Google I/O 2023

Google I/O 2023 has arrived with more exciting features and inflections. It has launched all its newly designed products including search using generative AI for helping people, communities, businesses, and everyone in the world. Google I/O has grabbed the opportunity of transforming its products with the power of generating AI and making innovations to make life easier.

Google is the AI-first company serving the world with AI products for seven years. This year Google announced that they are becoming big and going deeper in artificial intelligence specifically in generative AI. Google I/O has come back with a wave of features with AI in the spotlight in its annual I/O event 2023.

Easy Emails with “Help me write”

Google launched its first AI in Gmail in 2017 “Smart Reply” which enables short responses at single clicks. Since then Google was constantly releasing new features in Gmail. This year, Google has brought Gmail to the next level with the new feature of “Help Me Write”. This extends the potential of “Smart Replies” as well as “Smart Responses” The updated features seek to increase user productivity by giving more thorough and accurate responses. Together with Workspace improvements, these updates will enhance the functionality and productivity of Gmail.

Google Bard to help developers

Offering brand-new Bard upgrades, like picture functionality, coding functions, and app connectivity. Additionally, Google I/O is abolishing the waitlist, extending access to everyone in the world, and adding new languages. Google I/O has opened Bard for 180 countries and territories, now Bard is not only available in Japanese and Korean, but it is Planning to provide around 40 languages soon.

PaLM2 and Gemini

Google introduced PaLM last year and we all might have heard about it. This year PaLM has arrived with a new model with more improvements and upgrades, and also with the new name PaLM2. This new model represents a wide range of products and features around 25 + products and features supplied by PaLM 2. It has the potential of doing many tasks and can deploy them easily. It is capable of helping developers in coding with its integrated coding abilities and also developers can ask it to debug. It will act as a member of your development team.

Med PaLM 2

Med PaLM 2 is a part of PaLM 2 it is a medical expert. It is a first-language model that performs better and more accurately than doctors in answering questions in a medical exam and is going to get more advanced with AI. It will be able to interpret mammograms and X-rays to help radiologists.


This also involves Gemini which is also a Next-level model but is still under training. They are observing and looking for more unique capabilities to add to it which was not introduced previously. Gemini is extremely well-organized and structured in integrating APIs and tools and is created for future inventions such as memory & planning. As soon as it will achieve the desired performance and is tested completely it will be launched and will be available in different sizes similar to PaLM 2.

Route’s immersive View in Google Maps

In the past decades, Google Maps were providing Live views and immersive views with the help of panoramic images and updated maps constantly for delivering improved visuals. But with Google I/O 2023 upgradation you can now experience a clear view of your route with complete details before visiting, whether you are on a vehicle or foot. It displays images that are exactly similar to the original view.

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Immersive View for routes employs computer vision, as well as AI to collaborate with a broad spectrum of street views to provide an accurate image. It will deliver all the required information regarding the route like traffic, weather, petrol pumps, etc additionally it also guides by supplying a multidimensional experience by showing the directions towards bike lanes, sidewalks, intersections as well as parking areas.

Enhances Search with Generative AI

Since AI is collaborating with every product and service of Google, search is also not left behind. Google search has also been integrated with Generative AI to increase the search experience of the users. Search has become easy with Google Lens, now you can find what you are looking for without writing it in words, also you can scan text along with images to get search results. With the latest Snapshot feature of Google search powered by Generative AI, now you search deeper with broken questions and can combine pieces of information together. Snapshots also provide suggestions for the next step by generating related questions you might want to know.

Magic Editor for a better experience with images

Google I/O launched Google Photos in 2015 and it is one of the first AI-powered products which helped users by automatically organizing their photos according to the dates and events. Also, it was capable of showing search results on people or things like rainfall, sunset, etc. In the last I/O event Magic eraser was introduced in Google Photos and I/O 2023 Magic Editor has been launched which is truly amazing and can edit your image with just a single click.

Magic Editor

With the help of Generative AI, you can now edit your photos with high-level editing skills. You can edit every component of the image like the subject, background, etc. For instance, if you feel like the subject in a picture is not centered, you can click and drag it and the rest will do the Editor, isn’t it magic? Of Course, it is, just as the name suggests Magic Editor.

Duet AI for Google Cloud

Duet AI for Google Cloud is a result of Generative AI. It provides support to users of all skill levels. Duet AI is designed to serve an outstanding and personalized cloud experience to its user. It assists you in creating safe, adaptable software along with expert guidance by understanding your atmosphere deeply. It is a human-centric, helpful, responsible, and holistic AI platform that delivers code assistance, chat assistance as well as Duet AI Appsheet to help its users with AI.

Additionally, Google I/O has launched many new models which are AI-driven that involve Codey which helps in writing code, Imagen, is an amazing invention that converts your texts to images. There are some more capabilities introduced by Google in the I/O 2023 event like Chirp for advanced speech recognition, Text Embedding API for logical understanding of text & images, RLHF- Reinforcement Learning from Human Feedback for optimizing models based on human feedback, etc. All these innovative models are available through APIs only and are highly secure and reliable.

On the end Note,

Google I/O has undergone a big technology transformation with Generative AI. This transformation is as big as AI itself. There is a lot more advancement to come and Google is achieving heights with AI by making it accessible to everyone globally and taking benefit from it. People around the globe are excited and awaited for the release. Google is not only bringing AI closer to the world but doing it with full responsibility and commitment to serve better and better forever.

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