A business administration has a lot of responsibilities and duties to perform for the owner and management. There are tools, equipment, and data storage; the most crucial part is human resources. Handling them, and making sure they are also productive, efficient, and loyal bring a lot of responsibilities.

Employers can now track their employees’ productivity, punctuality, and teamwork thanks to Custom employee tracking software that is now changing the world of businesses making it much easier for employers. Employees play a vital role in the company, and the increase in their productivity will result in increased profits, so it is essential to track their productivity for the company’s progress. There is a wide range of top monitoring tools available in the IT market for the same.

You can choose the right one according to the features and cost of them. But choosing one is not the end, it also needs to be constructed. You will need a software developer to hire in India for the development of a top-notch monitoring tool for your employees.

What is Employee Tracking Software?

What is Employee Tracking Software

The technique of monitoring or tracking an employee’s activity, performance, and productivity with the help of a tracking tool helps employers to track & employees to self-analyze how much better they have performed and supervise their efficiency, legal protection, and security prevention to safeguard confidential information in an organization is termed as employee tracking software.

Also, it involves computer activity monitoring throughout working hours, time used to complete daily targets, locations, email & network utilization, etc. Occasionally, businesses choose to monitor their employees utilizing remote desktop software.

Features of Custom Employee Tracking Software

The must-have features of a top tracking tool are mentioned below. Let’s explore:

Features of Custom Employee Tracking Software

Productivity calculation:

Employers can use this tool to track employee productivity, including how much time each employee spends being active and inactive while working. A custom tracking program without a feature for figuring efficiency. Productivity calculation is the main feature of the best employee tracking tool. It calculates working hours, active & inactive hours, productive and unproductive hours, and neutrality. This all is represented in a productive report graphically that shows the complete graph of a company as well as employees’ productivity. For increasing the productivity of your employees, you need to hire an iPhone app developer in India to create a productive app to track them.

Time tracking:

Businesses can utilize time monitoring features to prioritize work in order to complete projects within their allocated budgets and deadlines. Additionally, it can be useful to be able to organize timesheet reports by organization and location.

This feature streamlines the management procedure for company owners who want to know how much production value is produced by each employee in their organization, broken down by area and division.

User-friendly interface:

It is not necessary that each and every employee is accustomed to the technologies and applications. It is important to create a simple and easy-to-use interface for all employees. It should take the least time to spend on it the more time they will get to accomplish their daily targets.

These applications should increase productivity, complex applications will consume the time of employees and which will make them less productive. A user-friendly interface will result in an increase in productivity. User-friendly apps also refer to apps that work on all platforms for which you need to hire Indian Android and iOs app developers to build a user-friendly app for all platforms.

Project Management:

To successfully complete projects and deliver them to clients on schedule, effective project management is essential. A project management function in your program to measure staff hours will be a godsend for project managers.

Employers can track a project’s development as the deadline draws closer by assigning staff to specific job tasks. The ability to take charge of one’s actions is a key component of meeting deadlines and intended results, and project management helps with this.


Those companies who want their employees to be punctual come on time and complete assigned duties on time must install this feature in their employee tracking software to create a more disciplined work environment in your company.

You are able to give workers guidance on how to be more disciplined and responsible for how they perform and their time by keeping a record of their attendance. This will help you encourage your staff to take more responsibility.

Creating reports:

The success of enterprises depends on reporting and data analysis. They offer an amazing glimpse into how well employees perform in relation to predetermined goals. Based on the efficiency and productivity of present employees, firms can use accurate analytics to decide if they want to increase their staff.

This feature of your application can create reports of tasks assigned to the team of employees, active and inactive working hours, and time spent on daily tasks. Build custom employee tracking software by hiring Indian software developers who can indulge all the above features in your tracking device or application.

Benefits of a Custom Employee Tracking Software

Keeping track of employees is not an easy task but with the help of employee tracking software, this task has been simplified. Business owners can now monitor their employees’ activities, productivity, and efficiency graphically. Here’s a magnified look at the benefits of the best employee tracking software.

Creates trust in employees:

Clarity in expectations and deliverables is the first step in establishing trust between management and staff. However, without actual information about employee productivity, it can be difficult to ensure that the team is upholding the company’s standards.

Tracking tools help management by providing them with a crystal clear view of employees’ insights about how they have spent their time and on what. This helps employers in measuring worker productivity and staff operations.

Improves working from home:

Companies that provide work-from-home find it next to impossible to keep track of their remote employees but now it is possible thanks to remote employee tracking software that has made it possible to keep a watch on their remote working employees from the office.

In ancient times, companies were less interested in remote jobs because they were less productive which leads to a loss of efficiency. But in advanced times, it is now easy to provide remote jobs without compromising on visibility with the help of these trackers.

Employee engagement and productivity:

An organization can evaluate if workers are meeting business standards by monitoring the work they produce. Employers might search for solutions to assist their staff in improving their job if the minimum requirement is not met.

For employees who could be lagging behind, further training can be frequently offered. To construct an app with all these functionalities hire a mobile app developer in India for tracking your employee’s productivity and engaging them.

Identifies Struggles and Internal Problems:

Tracking the employees’ productivity can help in understanding what they are struggling with. This tracking will not only show if the employee is working slowly and less productively but also monitoring will help in identifying the quality of work performed by the employee or team of employees.

With the help of insights provided by the custom employee tracking software business owner and management can determine where, how, and why the employees are struggling, and identifying the internal problem can make them offer the custom solutions to their employees and team members.

Increase security:

Security always remains a main concern for all businesses. Securing data and sensitive information from leakage by your own employees is a tough task to do. Keeping an eye on how your workers are managing your crucial and sensitive information is essential especially when you have more remote workers.

To make sure and track the location of your data, top tracking tools are constructed and utilized by almost every company for safety. Employees who are insider threats can be caught with these tracking devices.

Cost of Building an Employee Tracking Software

There can not be an exact figure of development; we can only estimate the cost of building a tailored employee tracking application for an organization. since a wide range of factors has a combined role in influencing the ultimate estimated cost at each step of the application production.

Factors influencing the cost of Employee tracking applications are:

  • Features that you want to include in your application directly affect its cost. More features will ultimately result in more cost and functionality.
  • For mobile platforms that you will prefer, the cost of an Android app development differs from the cost of an iOs app, Android app development is cheaper than iOs. You can also create a cross-platform app if you have a high budget range. Hire an Android app developer for creating a low-cost application.
  • If you integrate with the third-parties for improving your app’s content and user experience, you will need to expand your budget.
  • The level of graphic quality within an app significantly affects the price. The better the user interface, the higher the cost will be.
  • Maintenance is optional. After completion of your application is completed finally, you can add a maintenance cost if you wish for each stage of development particularly.

Hence, the final anticipated cost for the construction of an employee tracking software can be around $5000 to $20000 for a basic application. The time required for the development may be around 2-4 months. The increase in advanced features and functionality can increase the development cost.

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, the blog will help you in providing insight into the features, functionality, benefits, and cost of development. No matter the size, the best employee tracking application will be beneficial for both large as well as small enterprises to track their employee’s efficiency and performance. It also provides information regarding areas of improvement and employees’ internal problems.

There is an array of benefits to implementing a tracking tool for workers and its development cost also depends upon the large number of features you include in it. If you indulge the above features in your tracking app, the accomplishment will be outstanding. If you are a big firm thinking of building an enterprise-level tracking tool, you should hire offshore Indian app developers that will create a custom, feature-rich, and personalized application for your enterprise.


What is the main function of a custom employee tracking app?

The main functions of tracking software for employees include productivity improvement and tracking, punctuality tracking, protection of resources, and security of sensitive data.

Mention some of the Top Employee Tracking Software.

The top 5 employee tracking software are:
* Splunk Enterprise
* LogicMonitor
* Datadog
* Dynatrace
* Pandora FMS

What are the drawbacks of employee tracking tools?

Employing too intrusive workplace monitoring methods to track employee behavior is likely to bring about adverse outcomes like decreasing morale among workers, stress related to work, and unproductive work behaviors.

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