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As AI technologies develop rapidly, how humans may influence and make the best use of it by huge expansion, and with exceptional conversion rates. AI algorithms can now tailor huge entertainment possibilities, by creating customized material, making exclusive music, and creating synthesis AI video from scratch. Artificial Intelligence is simply surrounding and enhancing the environment with new expertise.

The AI video generator apps Like Synthesia have been considered the exclusive attention of high-tech approaches along with viewers and investors. Synthesia is only an example of a cross-platform AI video generator app that uses machine learning algorithms to produce, edit, and transform films in such a way that consistently changes the way we interact with online video.

What is a Synthesia App?

Synthesia is an artificial intelligence mobile application that enables users to create videos by using the content and incorporating the fictional characters’ avatars in the video. Using machine learning capabilities, AI video generator apps like Synthesia can make a creative and attractive video in just a second without considering any video editing knowledge or learning coding.

Synthesia caters to many simple- AI templates that help make a video even more adorable and data-driven to the users. All of the users need to put the content in the script box of the app, choose the right template, and take a rest, as Synthesia AI will do everything and provide you with the video that you need. This video generator will make informative, promotional, educational, entertainment, and communicable video files.

Why are AI video generator apps like Synthesia very popular in 2024?

There are several reasons for these rapid synthesis AI video apps being famous in 2024. Let’s have a look over the core ethics of these mobile apps to understand the reason behind their popularity:

  • The efficiency of these AI video generator apps is the foremost reason they are very popular among their digital audiences. It took a few moments for the users to get ready with the live video of their preferred content without additional effort or knowledge requirements.
  • Apps like Synthesia are more cost-efficient and have little demand or no other financial charges involved to deliver creative and outstanding videos for desirable users.
  • The Synthesia AI video has a higher engagement rate than any other written content when it comes to sharing legal information with target audiences. Thus, businesses or any other users can get better customer responses by using AI-generated video.
  • The customization option in the themes, script, voice, background, face, and more helps the users create instant videos based on the environment and the taste of their target audience.
  • The nuisance of narration, video editing, background, and the studio is being destroyed with apps like Synthesia, which makes it systematically simple for people to enter the new landscape.

How much does Synthesia cost to build an AI video generator like Synthesia?

Artificial intelligence development services cost depends on the different factors and requirements. You can consider an ideal Artificial intelligence development company to know the exact cost of an AI video generator app.

Let’s take a quick view on the cost of AI development services to build an AI video app like Synthesia:

Development FactorRange of Cost
Software Cost$30,000- $80,000+
Manpower Cost$29- $49/hour
Training & Maintenance cost$9,999- $19,999+

Size of the Company

It is not fixed depending on a bunch of other requirements as well if you hire someone to make a custom AI for the large enterprises that would increase its cost rate.

Let’s know the cost estimation based on the size of the company. The size of the company you’re seeking to create an AI-generated app can also impact the overall software development cost.

Company SizeCost RangeManpower Range
Small size company$30,000- $70,00050-200
Mid-size company$70,000- $1,00,000200-1000
Large-size company$1,00,000- $1,500,000+1000-10,000

The complexity of the AI provisions

The AI matters can mess with the money you acquire for AI projects. Let’s understand how much it can disorder things and make it more expensive to build an AI video generator like Synthesia.

Complexity LevelCost estimation
Low-level complex AI$15,000- $35,000
Medium-level complex AI$40,000- $60,000
High-level complex AI$80,000-$ 1,00,000+

What are the factors that are affecting the cost of building an AI video generator app like Synthesia cost?

Subsequently, building an AI video generator app like Synthesia is a multifaceted process that influences many factors that considerably determine the overall Synthesia app development cost. Understanding these factors is important for accurate budgeting and enabling the successful execution of the entire app development project. An Android app development company also considers the several factors that affect the cost of building an AI video generator app:

1 Complexity of AI models:

The actual app complexity of the endeavor AI models systematically affects the overall Synthesia cost. Developing a redefined app algorithm can generate reliable videos with diverse features and adaptability based on robust machine-learning expertise that undertaking the higher development cost.

2 Rich features and Robust app functionality:

The inclusion of the robust app features likewise real-time adaptation, personalized content creation, or multi-language support that can rapidly increase the overall development costs. The more intricate and innovative the features, the more time and resources are being used for better implementations.

3 UI/UX Design

User-driven and visually appealing app integration is the expertise of the developers of our mobile app development company that creates exclusive designs of the application that truly attract users, engage new people with them, and provide success to our enterprise-level clients. Thus it is mandatory that investing in high-quality UI/UX design adds to the overall cost but is also important for ensuring user engagement and satisfaction. 

4 App Integration with External APIs

If the AI video generator requires integration with the external APIs likewise voice recognition or ai/ml app development service additional costs may be incurred. The overall complexity and licensing fees associated with the third-party integrations can consider the entire app’s estimated cost.

5 Customisation Requirements

When you start the procedure of developing an AI video generator app like Synthesis, customization is necessarily required for the AI video generator and can affect the overall budget. Customizing the results to meet specific business requirements, enterprise-graded standards, or effective branding protocols may require additional development time and materialistic resources.

6 Hardware and Infrastructure

The selection of the hardware and infrastructure for AI model deployment impacts the overall costs. High-performance servers and GPUs are generally required for real-time video generation, and the choice of these components affects the entire infrastructure budget.

7 Scalability Requirements

Based on the AI video generator requirements to accommodate a rapidly growing user involvement and increasing certain demands, the architecture should be designed for robust scalability. Implementation can be done based on scalable outcomes that add to the initial development estimated cost but are essential for future growth.

8 Testing and Quality Assurance

The vigorous testing of the application can ensure the consistency and performance of the AI-driven video generator. Consider our iPhone app development company and Android app development company which is proficient in a more comprehensive app testing process, and the increasing cost of quality assurance.

9 Post-Launch Support and Maintenance

Consider our artificial intelligence development services to get full-time support and Maintenance of your AI-powered Video generator to implement updates regularly dissolving bugs, and ensure the continued smooth business operations for your AI video generator like Synthesia. Incorporating post-launch support is important for the sustainable growth of your business with successful deployment.

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How much time is required to build an AI video Generator Like Synthesia

The time needed to create an AI video generator like Synthesia can be based on various facts such as project complexity, adding rich features, and development resources. You can consider our software development services to make the project under time at a reasonable cost.

Here is a comprehensive breakdown in table form:

Development PhaseTime Duration
Planning and Analysis2-4 weeks
UI/UX Design4-6 weeks
Backend Development8-12 weeks
AI Model Training12-20 weeks
Integration and App Testing6-8 weeks
Sophistication and Optimization4-6 weeks
Total Estimated Time36-56 weeks

Why Choose Nevina Infotech to build an AI video generator like Synthesia?

As a leading mobile app development company, we revolutionize the entire digital world through our transformative skills in building an AI video generator like Synthesia. We create something unique from your ideas and our artworks that meet your vision-based requirements along with realistic avatars, multilingual support, and advanced tailored features. 

Developing an AI video generator like Synthesia comes with several costs and considerations. Beginning from the complexity of the desired features to the experienced development team, along with acquiring and considering training strategies to improve hardware requirements, the clients’ expenses systematically. By underlying the cost breakdown and other factors that involved the enterprise that can make informal decisions and allocate resources efficiently for the development of an AI video generator.

Mention the Top Competitors of the AI Video Generator App Synthesia

The AI-generating market is very large, as Synthesia and many other brands are ruling the market. Here are some top competitors of Synthesia and other leading apps in the AI-driven generating app market:

  • Videomaker
  • Filmora
  • HeyGen
  • Renderforest
  • Yepic AI

1 Videomaker

It is not important how much it becomes more important to use a video editing app when you know about the editing part. Considering Videomaker, it becomes very simple for you to produce high-quality videos. Your task is to provide the short script and text to the application, this algorithm produced by a machine learning development company is highly anticipated to bring down the best video outcomes for your script. Converting blogs into videos is just a few minutes of assignments.

2 Filmora

Filmora has synced its process with robust technologies to produce AI-driven video-generating features for its desirable users. This app development service can create the whole video by using sophisticated artificial intelligence along with robust text commands. Unlike other competitive apps in this category, Filmora is known as a popular tool with rich features like video editing, an exclusive media library, and many other templates.

3 HeyGen

HeyGen is a well-versed brand in the AI-video-generating app market that can transform your texts or manuscripts into a live video in just a minute with smart work. Furthermore, the core competency of this Synthesia app is that you can select more than various patterns along with different languages based on the script nuances. At this moment, you can even create or customize the avatar you want to show in your video.

4 Renderforest

Renderforest is another big app that has similar features to the Synthesia app that enables users to convert simple text into a video and speech. Renderforest is being used for business purposes or private user uses, where the widespread information is more useful. The application consists of creative presentations, encourages video editing, and ensures content creation.

5 Yepic AI

While using this software is generally more costly than the other platform that you are greatly seeking to convert the content into voice or videos. The platforms ensure the evaluation of more sales, training, and marketing by creating personalized videos in just minutes with more than a hundred languages. The high-rated features of epic AI involve photo animation, attractive characters, unlimited videos, and the capacity to customize avatars.

Generative AI in Journalism: How AI is Changing the Future of News

What are the top AI video generator features that are in demand 

When creating an AI video generator app like Synthesia, it is very important to undertake various features in the application development. By using these sophisticated features, an AI video generator app can produce users with robust and versatile tools and tactics for developing consistent video content.

AI video generator features

Here we take a quick look at its features:

1 Custom AI Avatars

The main Synthesia app feature is the vibrant range of AI avatars. It involves users utilizing the best avatar for their video script among this more than a hundred avatar samples from various ethnicities, styles, and ages. The user can simply create customized AI avatars for your AI video generator application.

2 Text-to-speech

These features enable the users to simply type their commands based on their requirements and convert the text into professional voiceover within some time. This natural language processing (NLP) capability is an essential feature in your AI-driven video generator application for better understanding and interpreting user text input to get a better outcome.

3 Multi-lingual features

These app features enable users to construct attractive videos in various formats such as voice tones, accents, and languages that are internationally useful and estimated. We implement these robust features that ensure higher consistency along with global user engagement at a high level.

4 Voice cloning

The AI-based video-generating app’s voice cloning of the entire app features is a life-driven tool that mainly focuses on implementing human content. This robust technology uses redefined AI algorithms to examine voice recording and regenerate the voice tone, pitches, and vocal subtitles in addition to the words that are written. 

5 Gestures

The influence-driven features of an AI video generator app enable the imitation of human gestures and fiscal experiences in dynamic video content. These tactics can also evaluate and optimize the wider growth of the gestures, involving robust expressions, hand moments, body language, and much more, through the huge use of complex machine learning algorithms. 

Our professionals help you with the healthcare platform, by transforming their initial hospitality system driven by patient communication that is accessible to the medical help. Our experts implement personalized AI-driven features that enable the patients to communicate with the healthcare group through head gestures and voiceovers.


Creating an attractive artificial intelligence video generator can be more costly. But to use it, you just need to access the large amount of datasets, enormous computing resources, and the dedicated team of AI and ML experts. The entire cost is not fixed but will range from a hundred thousand to millions. Hence, if you are looking ahead for useful and distinctive mobile app development services for clients who are interested in automating video production and content development, better return on investment to make the best use of video-editing tools.

Frequently asked questions

What are the most cost estimations for building a video generator app?

The cost depends on assigning a dedicated development team, hardware and cloud computing system costs, licensing fees for AI models and various technologies, data, and maintenance, and updating the app frequently.

How much time is required to develop an AI generator app?

The development time duration can depend on various factors, but generally, it takes several months or years to complete the project based on the app’s complexity.

Can I require a large unit of AI professionals?

While a team of AI professionals is beneficial, you can also coordinate with external development companies or hire experts for the project completion under the budget.

Are there open-source tools and models available to reduce its costs?

Yes, there are so many open-source AI models and tools that can be leveraged to reduce overall application development costs, but you can still be required to invest in custom development and fine-tuning.

How can I generate more revenue with an AI video generator app like Synthesia?

You can generate more revenue via subscription modules, payment on per-use pricing, or licensing the technology to other businesses. Content creators, marketers, along machine-learning platforms have the potential for initial market growth.

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