Developers are engaged in developing the latest mobile applications, but they ignore that mobile application maintenance and support are also significantly similar to mobile app development.

Maintaining mobile applications is also an integral part of the app development life cycle. For maintaining it, you need to understand and know some of the factors such as cost, types of maintenance, and a lot more.

Let us discuss in detail the factors involved in mobile app maintenance services.

The background of app maintenance cost

The background of app maintenance cost

A successful app is when you focus on every process and task involved in mobile app development. After completing the project, uploading it on the Google play store or the Apple play store is also essential for progress.

A powerful application will also need good mobile app maintenance plans to maintain the website regularly. It is indispensable to monitor the application’s performance and assure that users are getting updates frequently.

When users install your mobile application and start using it, they expect that your application works smoothly without any interruptions. But in the long term, it is imperative to maintain your application so that no interruptions can occur.

Why is it important to maintain and update mobile apps?

important to maintain and update mobile app

If you are an entrepreneur or owner of a business, you must know the importance of long-term maintenance of a mobile app to update it regularly, so it doesn’t become outdated.

Updating mobile apps to reduce uninstalls

Many users uninstall the app just because they don’t like the application’s logo, design, and theme and don’t find it attractive. Users also expect that the application performs seamlessly.

So it is essential to keep an attractive logo and design along with functions and features. If the customer finds anything that is not according to their requirements, they will delete it immediately.

To reduce uninstalls, you need to update and upgrade your mobile app as per the latest trends so that your app can overcome their demands and reduce the loss of customers.

Provide better user experience

Without providing a smooth and improved user experience, there is no other way to make your app successful. So the first thing users will need is an effortless user experience when using your application.

Here are some aspects where a good user experience will help you:

  • To build a long term relationship with customers
  • Get good feedback and positive reviews
  • Enhance user retention
  • Gain user loyalty

Improve ROI in the long term

When you frequently update your application, you will gain many financial benefits like increasing ROI. It can even help regularly search for new ideas and ways to minimize costs and attract more users.

If you don’t update it regularly, the mobile app maintenance costs can increase, and the bugs in the app will also increase, and more errors can occur.

Shrinking downtimes and loss of revenue

Any type of downtime can be responsible for the substantial loss of revenue. For example, huge companies for online banking have already experienced a lot of loss in revenue due to downtime.

If the developers work keenly on such downtimes, they can surely decrease the downtime and reduce the loss of revenue, which will indirectly result in happy and satisfied users.

Secure your website from cyber attacks

With the rapid popularity and usage of mobile apps, the risk of cyberattacks is also increasing. Being a mobile app developer, you are responsible for the security of mobile applications.

Hackers find it easy to hack the application and the information stored inside the mobile app, which is not updated and maintained regularly. So you can look forward to mobile app maintenance packages and select the current protocols.

Types of mobile app maintenance

Types of mobile app maintenance

Mobile app maintenance can be classified into various categories as listed below.

  • Emergency maintenance
  • Perfective maintenance
  • Adaptive maintenance
  • Preventive maintenance
  • Corrective maintenance

Emergency maintenance

An emergency could occur in every field as it is unplanned. The errors and bugs in the application can occur at any time, accidentally. In such cases, you need to inform the company immediately.
The company will instantly maintain emergency maintenance to provide a better user experience.

Perfective maintenance

Due to the change and popularity of the latest features and functionalities, user’s requirements will also change gradually. To understand the user’s changing requirements, it is advisable to take feedback from the users actively.

You can also keep an eye regularly on reviews and ratings of the users to get knowledge and modify and update the code in the application to provide a good and satisfactory user experience.

Adaptive maintenance

In the adaptive maintenance type, you need to record changes in the code and application to update it. Adaptive maintenance doesn’t just refer to the changes in code. It also refers to transforming the environment.

Improvement in the working atmosphere includes changes in an operating system and the hardware and software of the application that impacts good user involvement in the app.

Preventive maintenance

Such maintenance type signifies the interference or deleting of the errors that occurred. Therefore, preventive maintenance’s main aim and focus are on curtailing the complexity of the mobile application.

It even focuses on enhancing the maintenance of the code by reforming and optimizing the code by updating the documents.

Corrective maintenance

With the help of corrective maintenance, you can take responsibility for the repairs, faults, and defects in the functioning of the application.

Corrective maintenance also refers to errors related to the app design, coding, and logic of the android or iOS application.

The developers and owners of the application must also have basic knowledge of the types of maintenance that occurs in the process of app maintenance and mobile app maintenance costs.

What is the cost of mobile app maintenance?

While estimating the cost of mobile app maintenance, you will have to consider essential factors such as servers, push notifications, features, payment gateways, and much more.

cost of mobile app maintenance

Once you have released your application on the Google play store and Apple store, you will have to watch your application’s daily activities. It will show the number of users engaged in the application and the total applications installed on their smartphones.

You will also need to check for the monthly active users to check the monthly statistics of your application. For the success of the mobile application, it is essential to have both daily and monthly reports to perform exceptionally.

To calculate the maintenance cost, you need to keep an extra budget for app maintenance apart from the development part because you need additional expenses for custom mobile app development services and maintenance.

The cost of maintaining the application can be more initially up to 50% of the total amount of development cost and can reduce to 15-25% for every year later.

The expenditure is also based on the entire operating system used to develop the application. If you have both Android and iOS platforms, the cost of maintenance can be a bit more.

Here are some of the essential things you need to take care of while calculating mobile app maintenance costs.


The app hosting cost plays a crucial role in the app maintenance expense. You will need to decide which type of server you need for your application and then count the total cost.

Selecting the server resources will depend on the type of app data. You can even check that data if it is text-based or static or supports audio, video, and other massive data sent or received by smartphone app users.

If you need an extra server, CPU, memory, and disk space for extensive data, it can cost you a little more amount. The price of an app hosting server can range from $70 to $320 per month.

The price range is based on content, the total number of active users, and projected growth. The cost can vary as per the range and the factors you select.

You can get various hosting providers in the market, which is cheaper compared to others and the app maintenance costs are also comparatively less.


Examining and analyzing bugs, errors, lags, and other problems in the mobile application are critical to making the app successful. To study, you will need to use Google Analytics.

It is undeniable that you will check for the user preferences and expectations to make fast and preferable decisions. Plenty of free tools are present, but advanced tools can cost you some to make accurate decisions.

Inspecting and making decisions can also cost you, and you will also need to plan and decide the tool as per your mobile app development solutions.

Updates and bug fixing

Updating regularly can help you resolve and fix bugs and improve the UX design. However, every application undergoes various updates, and each update varies and depends on plenty of factors.

If you have a single bug and want to fix it, the cost can be $ 50. Also, if you’re going to update it, it will almost take a week, so the price for bug fixing could range from around $1000-$2000.

The prize also depends on the size of the application and the changes made in the functionality. But, of course, as the best mobile app development company, you will need to consider such factors.

Third-party integration

You need to use licensed technology while developing a mobile application, and it will also have some particular fees. Anything you use from outside will cost you monthly.

While fixing the custom mobile app development services budget, you need to add such third-party integration costs.

Customer support

If your customers are not happy with the performance and working of the application, then you won’t get any customer support from them.

You will need to solve the customers’ issues while using your application. If they have any complaints regarding the mobile application, it is essential to find the solution and provide them remarkable experience.

If you consider customer happiness and satisfaction your priority, you have to spend some amount on customer support to get positive and good reviews.

The more advanced and latest features you add to the application, the more will be the cost of maintaining a mobile app. Also, the expense will depend on the functionalities of the app.

To save some money and reduce the extra expense spent on the mobile app maintenance services, you can go through the best practices mentioned below.

Top app maintenance practices

By following the top practices, you can ensure a smooth and impressive mobile app user experience. Practises you need to note:

Adding new feature update

It is an excellent idea to check for the new updates in the features and add the new features to your application. It can enhance the value of your app, and users can get attracted to your app.

Keeping track of new feature updates and implementing them in your application can make mobile applications popular.

Keeping the user interface updated

The user interface is another integral thing to enhance the user experience. Updates occur in the theme, style, and design of the application that need to be checked.

The more unique and appealing the application is, the more users will use your app and satisfy their expectations.

Monitoring performance

It is very fundamental to check the performance of the smartphone application regularly. Unfortunately, examining the loading time, diminish, and responsiveness, even the analytical report.

It is essential to know your retention rates, analyze customer usage patterns, and track the engagement or conversion rates of your application.

Scheduling system maintenance

If you schedule a plan for system maintenance, the chance of losing any errors or glitches will decrease. You can even alert the users priorly about the system maintenance according to the schedule.

As an owner of a mobile application, you must be responsible for frequent app maintenance and implementing the changes, including modifications to the Android and iOS applications.


To create an excellent and admirable application, you must regularly schedule maintenance and get in touch with the best mobile app development company for systematic app maintenance.

Being an owner of the application, if you are searching for a firm to help you with budgeting, mobile application maintenance, and support, you can contact a reputed app development company.

I suggest both the developers and app owners go through the blog above so that you can maintain the application accurately and decide the budget for maintaining it.


Why is mobile app maintenance important?

It is paramount to maintain the application to neglect and overcome the interruptions that occurred. If you don’t invest some budget in mobile app maintenance services, it can be the most significant drawback and the main reason behind your application failure.

Is maintaining an app expensive?

We don’t have an exact answer because it depends on the application and various factors. The maintenance cost of a mobile application varies according to the things needed to maintain along with the type of maintenance because each type has a different task to perform.

How frequently can apps be maintained?

The time needed to maintain the app depends on the app because if the application is new, it won’t need much maintenance. But, if the application is of middle age, it would require more maintenance comparatively, and the oldest application will need more frequent application maintenance to keep the app updated regularly.

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