EdTech App Like Photomath

As we all agree at a point mathematics can be hair snatching subject. Educational application development companies have created applications like Photomath to make mathematics easier.
Mathematics has always been quite a challenging subject for a lot of students. By creating an App Like Photomath, you can generate revenue through monetization strategies and help the younger generation fall in love with a subject they have always feared.

The mathematics concepts can be very challenging to understand. If you’re an entrepreneur or an existing owner of an educational facility, you should hire an education app development company and get an application developed. educational app development companies provide dedicated developers to develop customized applications for you. Software Technology has been revolutionizing the way students difficult concepts in every subject they need to learn. Visual representations of charts, graphs, and things like live mapping on mobile applications are now easy to access.

Mobile app development companies can help you by providing Android and iOS developers. The app is available for Android, iOS, and Windows mobile devices. The benefit of the app is that the platform doesn’t provide the answers to the mathematical equations and just shares the method as that would compromise the purpose of learning.

Photomath is a successful and much-loved program created for iOS, Android, and Windows mobile devices that can help students understand and solve mathematical problems/equations. It isn’t going to display results because if it does, it will defeat the entire purpose of learning. This app showcases an exact human-readable version of the student’s method to solve the asked problem/equation. Going with the best education app development company for hiring mobile app developers will always be the best option.

EdTech App Like Photomath

Every education app development company is receiving inquiries from their EdTech companies and clients about getting a Photomath clone to create an app similar to theirs. Photomath offers several advantages to students by helping them understand and solve mathematical problems and equations, particularly when they don’t have a tutor or can’t afford/attend tuition.

Photomath is among the multiple apps already available in mobile app stores, but it has the power to stand out from the crowd. After all, its primary function is to show the path to the solution of a problem. It’s just like having a private tutor at your doorstep. The best thing about it is that getting such an app well-structured won’t just be helpful to learners but also interesting for you. Going with the best education app development company can do wonders for your business.

Features Offered By App Like Photomath,

  • Instant support
  • Attractive graphs
  • Instructions with animations
  • Ability to recognize handwriting
  • Several methods of explaining
  • Calculation using the device camera
  • Step-by-step explanations

The Features Offered By App Like Photomath Include

You can probably suggest that your Photomath clone needs the above features. An education app development company can help you with these features implemented in your Edtech application like Photomath.

1. UI/UX

The user interface is a very important feature because many often forget to inform their service provider about this mission-critical requirement. An edtech app like Photomath will need high-quality UI/UX design to ensure that it does make its interface soothing to the eyes and easy to use. The onboarding flow has to be engaging enough to make this easier for the user. The most important functionality is the ability to solve problems in real-time.

2. Smart Edtech

It is a sure question of how an app can solve mathematics problems as quickly and accurately as Photomath. Take into consideration that your educational app development company has to use smart technologies and make the latest and easiest versions of your application. An exceptionally difficult yet unique and effective algorithm operates everything from behind the scenes.

The algorithm platform probably makes Photomath better than every other mobile education solution for mathematics. You need one of the best education app development companies to make your project worthwhile in the market. Creating such an algorithm is a task for the experts in the edtech field. The best education app development company can help you with the development of your project.

3. Business model

If you download Photomath to see its use and features. You don’t have to pay anything to use it because it is free to download. Photomath doesn’t show advertisements or any interruptions, either. You may think that the development team is maybe an NGO because such generosity is almost not heard of by a development company.

The ultimate purpose of this solution is to attract users and increase brand awareness. You can do the same. You can use an edtech app like Photomath to draw attention to your products and demonstrate how your technology can be easily used in several situations. You can be the banking industry, the education industry, healthcare, or the tourism industry, almost every company can utilize this unique business model.

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Easy Registration/Sign-in:

Photmath app is user-loved and its signing in is very easily done. Remember the saying “First impression is the last impression”? That holds for mobile apps. Any user would have to register when using an app for the first time. You want to make the registration process as simple and as quick as possible. Only ask for information that you feel is necessary for your platform. Asking for irrelevant information is never appreciated by users.

You can also offer social media account and email such as Gmail, Facebook, Instagram, and more platforms for your users to register and speeds up the registration process.

Animated Tutorials:

Photmath allows its users to watch the stepwise process of a problem that is carried out by a teacher on a whiteboard. This is almost similar to learning from your teacher but in a digital classroom called a smartphone or mobile device.

Tutorials help a student visualize the problem offering an understanding of each step of the solution clearly and in an easy method. If you sit with your child who is in middle school these videos would be a treat to watch as they account for and grow their learning process. You will also get to learn a thing or two while helping your child understand how they can go about solving similar questions/sums.

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Definitions & Concepts:

Mathematics is a very tricky subject and maybe your child is learning on their own or you are trying to help them with the same, both require a proper understanding of the core concepts of mathematics.
Understanding them is the only way that you efficiently process the intended meaning. So, no matter which area of maths you are learning you can start by taking a quick tour of the definitions and concepts related to the same area or topic.

Additional Options to Learn Reasoning:

When you observe the solutions provided on Photomath you will learn that they provide multiple easy ways for a user to learn a particular concept. If you need to solve more sums of the same nature or any particular concept you can use the ‘Expert Solutions’ tab where they provide textbook solutions and other similar problems for you to solve.

On the other hand, they also provide ‘Animated Tutorials’ that help you learn through videos by visualizing the problems and solutions displayed in animation.

There is also another part where the platform allows you to explore a concept by yourself offering you small hints where you get stuck. This is also a healthy and interesting method to teach where you only ask for help when it’s much needed.

Secure Payment Gateways:

Edtech app like Photomath is completely based on the concept of remote learning where you have to offer your users online payment options. There has been a tremendous demand for fintech apps and users have grown experts to using them.

Remember, offering multiple payment options with online payment apps that are currently trending is also a way of providing users an easy way to make payments without any hassle.

The user feels very happy when can use their preferred payment options.

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Business Analysis:

As we are aware IT has boomed and it always has competition overall same is with edtech companies and many other apps like Photomath are already available in the market like Brilliant, Mathway, Socratic, Kahoot, Quizlet, Brainspace, Mentimeter.

Therefore, the edtech app development company you select would have to do an in-depth market and competition analysis and cover all the areas to create an outstanding application for you. Everything you and the app development company decide will be documented for better future relations between both.

You should know that an experienced mobile app development company would ask you all the required questions regarding your app idea, they may brainstorm with certain solutions, and then narrow in on an app development quote, and then the development process starts once all areas are positive.
It’s a thumb rule to allocate at least 10% of your overall budget when business analysis is done.

The business analyst and the team will make sure that your app achieves the following:

  • The app you’ve imagined can be built by their programmers or developers. Hiring the best education app developers for the best results.
  • Edtech app is developed keeping Apple’s and Google’s best practices in thoughts. Mobile app developers will be the best choice for mobile app development.
  • Your application is built using the most relevant and effective technology.
  • Business Analysis Development Cost: $2000-$3500 usually.

Project Management:

  • Project management is the management part of the application development process. Here all the developers and the whole project are directed and maintained.
  • Project management helps to keep a continuous watch on the app development cycle to make sure that everything is running smoothly and on time and with correct instructions.
  • Make sure that a skilled and efficient project manager is worth every dollar.
  • Project Management Cost in Mobile Application Development: It will cost around $3500 to $7000


Education development companies provide you with Testers and QA which will cost you but it helps in testing the app to detect flaws and bugs or any disturbing element in the application so that when you release it, the users don’t face issues. Without testing, the app will have bugs that will frustrate the users and bring negative reviews on app stores and you may lose your clients and users.

How Much Does it Will Cost to Make an Edtech App Like Photomath


Native app development-

i. Android App Development Cost(native): $30,000-$70,000+

ii. iOS App Development Cost: $30,000-$80,000+


i. Hybrid App Development Cost: $50,000-$90,000

ii. Website Development Cost: $35,500-$85,500+

The estimated cost of an edtech app like Photomath is $30,000. But if you want more complex features, advanced designs, and other innovative functions, the cost can be $50,000. Moreover, you need to consider the demographics of developers before hiring them because prices for development are different in different countries. For example, $100 per hour is the app development cost in the USA while in India it is just $30-$49 per hour.

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At last, an edtech app like Photomath can generate a situation where both parties will win, which is somewhat rare for an application of such caliber. It’s the perfect tool for students struggling to understand the logic hiding behind the solution of a mathematical problem/sum. It also supports its creators in promoting its services and attracting a large number of customers/users. Being an easy-to-use app, the edtech app Photomath handles it beautifully.

The journey, from the start point to the end, teaches you to create a wonderful experience for users, even if the app works on a complex, ML-based algorithm. Choosing the best education app development company will be the very right choice. Once you decide to make an edtech app like Photomath and try to get a clone of Photomath developed, you have to find the best education app development company. Invest your time to find the right company that will help you out and make your journey easy.

Nevina Infotech has very skilled developers and experts in their area. We can provide you with the best innovative results for your dream application.

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