Mobile app development and its usage are at their peak currently as it provides a plethora of facilities to the users and even to the top mobile app development companies.

Mobile application development has become a need of every individual nowadays, especially after the pandemic, as they have started spending most of their time on their smartphones.

Suppose you are looking to develop an app. In that case, you must come to Nevina Infotech as we are a well-known mobile app development company for developing Android and iOS app development services.

App development services

App development services

We provide all types of app development services, including flutter app development services and other solutions mentioned below.

  • iPhone app development
  • Android app development
  • Ipad app development
  • Game app development
  • Ionic app development
  • Wearable app development
  • iBeacon app development
  • Cross-platform app development

Custom app development

Custom app development

Nevina Infotech is continuously updated with the latest trends in the market. As a result, we also provide custom Android application development services as custom app development is the most demanded service currently.

Entrepreneurs and startup owners want to have an app according to their business and targeted audience so that they can enhance their user experience.
As a leading app development company, we provide the best on-demand app development services for your business.

Industries we serve for app development

Industries app development

No matter whichever industry we serve, we are glad to provide for every industry by understanding their aspects and requirements.

Here are the industries we serve as a reputed mobile app development company in the USA.

  • Real estate services
  • Travel services
  • Sports
  • Education services
  • Healthcare services
  • Media entertainment services
  • Social network
  • Banking
  • Web and mobile business
  • Retail eCommerce

Why choose us for app development?

hire app developer

We have dedicated developers who are well experienced and highly skilled. They are experts in every field as well as our developers also stay updated with the latest trends and technologies to overcome the never-ending demand of clients.

Our developers develop bug-free applications which are of top-notch quality. We are also known for providing on-time delivery to the clients. We even provide our clients with after-sales cross-platform mobile app development services to update and maintain the application.

Reasons to choose us

  • The team provides quick assistance
  • We don’t give any fake commitments
  • Provide realistic timelines
  • We keep transparency
  • Provide high-quality products
  • Secure documentation process
  • On-time delivery
  • Provides after deployment services

Cost of app development with us

Cost of app development services

Native mobile app development costs will vary based on various factors such as the number of platforms, features, tools, technology stack used in the app development process.

The cost also depends on the type of application you want to develop and the functions and design. Cost is also based on the location of the company that you hire.

It can also change according to the size, screens, and description of the mobile application being developed, such as a small size app with fewer screens and for a single platform will cost you less than $250K.

However, applications with medium size and 10-15 screens for cross-platform mobile app development will cost between $250K – $1K. Moreover, substantial mobile applications with more than 20 screens for all types of platforms can cost above $1M.


According to my perspective, Nevina Infotech is the wise choice to hire as the best mobile app development company because they can fulfill all the needs of app development owners or clients.

By developing an app with us, your users will be able to use the application with a seamless and better user experience. We also provide all the latest and trendy services to the clients.


Do you provide cross-platform app development services?

We provide various cross-platform app development services for different frameworks such as Xamarin, React Native, Flutter, Ionic, and many more services.

Can we hire you to develop a native mobile app?

Yes, you can hire us to develop a native mobile app like Android, iOS, and Windows. We can help you develop smooth and appealing native applications with high quality.

Which app development process do you follow?

Nevina Infotech follows an elegant mobile app development process that is simple and smooth that includes:

  • Team discussion
  • UI/UX design
  • Development
  • QA testing
  • Launching

How to search for reputed app developers?

To hire an experienced and dedicated app developer for developing a successful mobile app, you need to look at their portfolios, timeline, adaptability, communication, abilities, years of experience, and professionalism.

Rahim Ladhani

Rahim Ladhani

CEO and Managing Director