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Mobile phones are no more considered a device used to make a call or send a message. It has now become a lot more for us in modern times. They can be anything you want them to be like your teacher, navigator, online shop, doctor, a personal assistant, and so much more. Mobile devices are now able to manage smart home devices without any personal assistant app to track your home’s security when you are away from home.

An app that is getting popular and catching the eyes of many mobile app development companies is the virtual assistant app that works on voice commands given by its users. Forecasts indicate that by 2024, there will be 8.4 billion digital voice assistants, more than there are people on the globe today.

These apps are capable of sending messages, receiving calls, reminders, alarms, & checking whether and so much on the command of an authorized user. From optimizing productivity, and saving time and money to obtaining knowledge digital assistants do it all. A virtual assistant will assist you accomplish your objectives whether you’re an entrepreneur or a worker trying to reduce your workload.

Organizations who are attracted to AI assistants believe that developing an AI business assistant is a brilliant idea that will benefit all enterprises by providing excellent performance, reducing development costs, and a high rate of app installation, etc.

A study revealed that businesses that employ virtual assistants save roughly 7 hours each week, equating to a 28% boost in production. Also, With 60% of small business owners admitting that they use virtual assistants frequently, it is clear that the usage of virtual assistants is particularly common in this sector.

What is an AI Personal Assistant?

An AI-powered application that takes voice commands and analyzes them to understand the tasks assigned to them by users and perform them is known as AI personal assistant or virtual assistant. They are also called smart assistants or digital assistants.

Google Assistant, Alexa, Siri, etc are some well-known virtual assistants popularly used around the world. These AI assistants are highly compatible with the devices they are used in. For instance, Siri is used on iPhone devices and operated with a voice command as “Hey Siri”. Chatbots are also considered personal AI assistants as they write texts on human commands.

AI virtual assistants are built using natural language processing (NLP) and voice cognition technologies for analyzing and interpreting languages. These machine-learning abilities are required to understand and make quick decisions just after receiving commands.

Benefits of Building an AI Personal Assistant App

Businesses can gain from intelligent virtual assistants in a number of ways. But first, let’s go over the main reasons why intelligent personal assistants are beneficial:

Increased Productivity and Efficiency

AI personal assistants can better understand consumer desires, meet their needs, and increase interaction rates. This is made possible by their essential machine learning and artificial intelligence capabilities. It consequently improves client success.

Employing basic inquiries minimizes human connection and maximizes support. A higher rate of response and quicker answers are given to these basic queries.

Reduced Costs and Improved Revenue

A virtual assistant can frequently be hired at little to no cost than a full-time person. Virtual assistants are available for full-time employment, and there are no associated benefits or overhead expenses. They can perform all tasks and handle workloads like answering routine inquiries, FAQs, and customer concerns. High-scoring accomplishments can lead to higher website conversion rates. This describes the yearly growth of income as well as the client’s lifetime value.

Customer Service

AI assistants can prioritize all customer service requests. By doing this, they are able to collect initial information about the customer’s problem before elevating it to the most qualified team or department. Avoiding the need for consumers to repeat themselves to several representatives, not only saves time for advisers but also guarantees that they receive the finest assistance possible for their unique scenario.

By using a digital assistant, you can give your customers access to support and engagement at all times, including after business hours. This is surely an incentive for customer service, especially if you serve customers across the globe.

Improved Work-Life Balance:

Work-life balance can be improved with the support of virtual assistants for people as well as companies. Individuals and organizations can concentrate on the most essential responsibilities and utilize extra time for leisure activities by assigning chores to a virtual assistant.

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Personalized Experience

AI-driven personal assistants examine user data and make personalized recommendations. Customers get a human-like and homely experience that supports rapid and informed decisions. It enhances the success rate of advertising initiatives, & conversions and raises client engagement.

Enhance Customer Loyalty

Virtual assistants respond to customer queries and answer them quickly eliminating the wait time and resolving their issues. The convenient and quick response makes the customer satisfied which ultimately results in customer loyalty and retention. The better the experience the higher the customer return rates. Chatbots can manage hundreds of customer queries at a time effortlessly increasing client experience and loyalty at a high rate.

Access to Expertise

Many personal AI assistants are skilled and knowledgeable in specific fields, such as project management or marketing. Businesses can acquire this knowledge by using a smart assistant without spending money on further training or recruiting full-time staff.

How Much Does it Cost to Create an AI-driven Personal Assistant?

It would likely cost between $40,000 and $55,000 to produce a personal assistant app using AI-based technology. The expected cost of mobile apps would rise by 20% to 30% with the incorporation of cutting-edge artificial intelligence (AI) technologies.

Although, the cost of creating a customized AI personal assistant app for different platforms like iOs or Android could vary on the basis of several factors like technologies, design tools, & also the experience of the AI developer. Explore the factors affecting the cost of AI assistants below:

Features List:

For obtaining a better user experience, you need to build an application with advanced and complex digital technologies which might cost high. If your development budget is less, you will have to reduce the features from your list.

Complex Design

The next most important part that has a big role in development cost is the design of the smart assistants. An attractive and user-friendly UI is the key to the app’s success.

You can approach an on-demand app development company that has expert UI\UX designers and can provide cost-effective design and development for your app.

Technology Stack

Modern and innovative technologies are required to build a personal AI assistant app.

  • An advanced engine to convert users’ voice commands or Speech to text.
  • Also, it requires a vice versa that is an engine to convert text to speech for helping users in language translation and understanding.
  • For understanding the user’s speech and fast response to their commands, it should have Voice biometrics technology.
  • A noise reduction tool is a must to reduce background noise to clearly interpret users’ commands.
  • To understand the language of users voice recognition technology, Natural Language Processing, and Machine Learning technologies are a must.
  • Some developers employ IoT technologies as well in developing AI assistants. Amazon Alexa is an example of it.

Experience of Industry

The cost of cross-platform app development depends on the experience and expertise of the developers you have hired for your app development. Well-versed developers with all the resources and knowledge will create an error-free app in a given period and at less cost.

Development Location

A wide range of companies around the globe is providing AI development services for creating smart assistant apps and all AI-powered apps. The development cost depends on the location of your development company, for instance, app development costs in the US will differ from the rates in Qatar.

The best Artificial Intelligence development company in India like Nevina Infotech provides cost-effective, feature-rich, and on-time delivery and launch of your virtual assistant on App stores.


It is crystal clear that adopting an AI-powered personal assistant app can be extensively beneficial and effective for your business or organization. It will accelerate your success and elevate your user’s experience simultaneously.

A virtual assistant can significantly impact and optimize the future development of your enterprise. By incorporating AI assistants, you can achieve new heights of success in your comfort zones. Let your company take a step into the future of advanced technology today with Nevina Infotech. Join us for the best AI software development solutions and enjoy having a phenomenal virtual assistant app by your side.


What is the function of a Personal Assistant App?

Personal Assistant apps are appropriate for people with various difficulties since they allow users to control important tasks of their mobile device through a single application, frequently using voice control. While some mobile devices include built-in virtual assistants, others do not, so these apps can be used to assist individuals in using their mobile devices.

Which are the best Personal Assistant Apps used popularly?

The top 10 most popular personal assistant apps are:
* Google Assistant
* Amazon Alexa
* Cortana
* Siri
* Fyle
* Extreme
* Bixby
* DataBot
* Hound
* Robin

What skills does a Personal Assistant have?

The skill sets that Personal Assistants possess are incredibly helpful and involve office management, administrative support & assistance, and various business executive roles.

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